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PhpSgeX wiki

What is PhpSgeX?

PhpSgeX it's a cms/tool/engine/framework for creating your realtime strategy game!
It's 100% customizable and you don't need to know PHP or MySql to start with it!
PhpSgeX it's opensource and you can use it free if you don't make money with it,
if you want to make money you'll need to buy commercial license

PhpSgeX documentation it's in the code

Official PhpSgeX games

All games that use PhpSgeX are listed here: http://rpvg.altervista.org/phpsge/sgexgames.php
a demo is also aviable here: http://rpvg.altervista.org/phpsge




For latest stable version just go to files section of this project: https://sourceforge.net/projects/phpstrategygame/files/engine/

For dev version, or if you want to try development use git (I recomend tortoise git)


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