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Errors, Warnings and Notices in phpRPG-0.8.0

There are a number of errors that you might receive from PHP due to the difference in version that any of you might have vs. the one I have been using to develop with. The current code base was written using PHP 4.4.0 which has become pretty antiquated.

For the next release I will be upgrading to whatever the most recent copy of PHP is and will debug it from that point, which should eliminate the error prints. Expect to see this in the CVS soon and then an updated release there after. ... read more

Posted by Haeric 2006-07-15


If all the items in this TODO are finished we should have a fully working, playable game engine that a person could use to build a complete (though limited) MMORPG.

As we will soon see, it's not *that* much stuff!! :S If anything was left out replay to the list with your additions.


Code Base:

Coding Standards
- Expand to include object standards
- Bring code into alignment

All Components
- Ensure they use GetText "_()"
- Ensure they are using full templating
- Ensure they are using error reporting... read more

Posted by Haeric 2006-04-28

"Phantom" code base released!!

The much anticipated "Phantom" code base has been added to phpRPG's SF CVS Repository!

The code is a complete rewrite of the "Phantasy" code base and now uses DOM/JS extensively to dynamically update the pages content to give the game a feel of an application and not so much a webpage. Some of the features are listed below:

- OO structure
- Structured Error Reporting
- Complete Layout Templating
- Improved Database Handling
- GetText Support
- Dynamic Image Manipulation
- Dynamic Sprite Creation
- Powerful and User-friendly Tools
- And much more ...... read more

Posted by Haeric 2005-01-27

Meeting Minutes - 08 September 2002

The meeting minutes have been published and are posted at:

The next meeting is scheduled earlier to suit developers from other timezones on: Saturday 14 September 2002 21:00 GMT.

See you there!

Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-09-09

Design Doc Revision 2

The design documentation has been reviewed and posted at the forums by stinx. It can be found at We welcome your comments.

Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-09-05

Minutes to the First Meeting

Our first IRC meeting was a rewarding experience. I would encourage your participation. The minutes can be found at

The next meeting is scheduled on: Sunday 08 September 2002 9:00 GMT.

Hope to see you there!

Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-09-05

phpRPG 0.5 Released!

phpRPG 0.5 is now available for download. This release includes some major changes:

- Reviewed code and tidied up to comply with the coding standards
- Eliminated the need of cookies
- Changed all pics to .png or .jpg format (NO MORE .gif!)
- Dynamic hexagonal grid image is now replaced by image tiles
- Incorporated JavaScript to provide better player control
- Implemented event processor
- Advanced the map editor and reorganised database structures
- Improved chat system (but disabled emotions for the moment)
- Items-related functions such as take, drop, identify, equip
- A rough but functional and playable combat system

Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-06-19

New Web Design

A new look to the phpRPG website! Contents have been rearranged to improve usability and the website is now fully database driven (although it doesn't make any difference to you)!

The new layout and graphics, which are now all pixel based (no more anti-alias), greatly reduce the loading time. Hope you like it!

Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-06-10

ph'@ntasy - Now Playable!

Yes, we are getting there! Our first phpRPG project - ph'@ntasy - although may not be the best game, it is finally playable!!

The source of phpRPG 0.5 is yet to be released, with much improved changes:

- Cookies are no longer required! :)
- Dynamic hexagonal grid image is now replaced by image tiles
- JavaScript to allow keyboard control
- Implemented event processor
- Items-related functions such as take, drop, identify, equip
- A rough combat system... read more

Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-05-21

Merchandise - Tile Coasters

I spent a little bit of time on setting up some nice merchandise. These are pixel arts of phpRPG printed on tile coasters using dye sublimation technique.

Add a bit of decoration to your desk or room, and at the same time, you show your support to phpRPG. I personally think that these are cute little items worth collecting.

Take a look at what we have in store!

Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-05-06

CVS Repository

I have finally got's concurrent version system (CVS) to work! You can now get the lastest codes from there. Otherwise, version 0.5 is due to be released soon too.

Here I present you with my latest piece of artwork, an Axolotl!! :)

If you do not know what an axolotl is, do a search at Google to find out more about this interesting living creature.

Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-05-01

More Pixel Art

ph'ant@sy is coming along pretty nicely. I have done a bit more pixel arts and thought you might want to take a look.

We have soul and the equipped human.


Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-04-08

New Pixel Art

I have been reviewing and modifying the latest release to comply with the coding standards.

Things do get a bit tedious at times, so I have made an effort in designing some new pixel art.

Check out

Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-03-09 Temporary Downtime

You may experience temporary downtime to the domain as we trial our new web host.

However or will still be available should you have any problems accessing this website.

Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-03-03

phpRPG Coding Standards

The phpRPG Coding Standards first draft has been released. The standards form strict guidlines on the developers' coding styles, but will form strong foundation to the future of the project. If you are a developer with interest in phpRPG, please spend some time reading it.

phpRPG 0.3 currently do not abide to these standards, but we will do so by the next release! Some comments or criticisms will be really appreciated.... read more

Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-02-24

Boxes And Icons

Modified the site layout a bit, added a login box and a new shout box.

I have also added a neat favicon.ico to the website. Show us your support and bookmark us now!

Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-02-22

phpRPG 0.3 released

phpRPG 0.3 is now available for download. This release includes important features such as a real-time chat system with emotions / expressions, battle mode (although with no damage algorithm yet) and early concepts of time and weather.

Posted by Timothy Chung 2002-02-13

Website Redesigned & Merry Christmas! :)

An update on what's been happening...

The project has been left idle for a period of time due to personal
committments. If no further obstacles are ahead, I forsee phpRPG up and running again smoothly soon.

I have decided to provide more contents about the project rather than coding blindly. Think it'll be nice to keep you informed of our progress. A major hurdle was to redesign the website and *phew* it wasn't not an easy task. Now that the hard part has been done though, you should see more and more contents being added over time. So bear with the 404's for the moment. :)... read more

Posted by Timothy Chung 2001-12-25

phpRPG 0.1 - First Release

phpRPG is a web-based multi-player fantasy role-playing game written in PHP / MySQL, released under GNU GPL. This is its first public release. Its sole purpose is to serve as a primer and introduction to developers who are interested in this project.

Posted by Timothy Chung 2001-07-02

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