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phProfession 1.05 Released!

I finally created a stable enough source to implement the administration code for phProfession. It adds another file, auth.php, but it allows developers to easily change the authentication code that underlies the rest of the source.

Stay tuned for version 1.1!

Posted by Mykel Nahorniak 2001-08-09

phProfession 1.01 Released!

I just fixed a few things. I redesigned the images and logo to look better. Administration is now easier to access, incase you didn't know how to already get there. There were also a few broken links which are now corrected.

Things are going very smoothly! Keep checking back for version 1.1!

Posted by Mykel Nahorniak 2001-08-01

phProfession 1.0 Released!

The first version on phProfession has been released. All planned features are in, so it may be utilized in your business safely. Thanks for all your support, and stay tuned for future versions!

Posted by Mykel Nahorniak 2001-07-18