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Security issue in PhPress

A serious security issue has been discovered in PhPress (any versions), which could allow attacker to get the MySQL password used by the software.

Release 0.3.1 of PhPress is delayed until I fixe this issue. Users must keep in mind that PhPress should NOT been used on the Internet, but only in safe private networks.

Best regards,

Matthieu Perez

Posted by Matt Perez 2008-02-12

PhPress 0.3.0 Released

This new release starts a period of preparation of the end-user versions of PhPress : simplification of the code, the functionnalities, help module in preparation...
But please keep in mind that PhPress is still experimental !

Licence has been upgraded to GPL v3.

PhPress for Macintosh v. 0.3.0 will be released later, as we experience some issues with the NetPBM binaries, and we would like to make more changes in the server package (based upon MAMP). If you have yet a running PhPress for Mac running, you can upgrade it easily by copying the files of the tarball into your phpress directory.... read more

Posted by Matt Perez 2007-10-23

PhPress 0.2.2 released (bugfix)

This new release fixes the bug n°1779964: 'phpress 0.2.0 (adisplay.php) Remote File Inclusion' and fixes some isssues about the $lang variable (english dates, some errors of translation...).

Posted by Matt Perez 2007-09-22

PhPress 0.2.1 released

This new version of PhPress and PhPress for Mac provides better support of the articles surface area.

Posted by Matt Perez 2007-09-16

PhPress for Mac now available

A complete mini-distribution of PhPress is now available for Mac users.

It's a dmg including NetPBM binaries, a customised MAMP package (MySQL+PHP5), PhPress 0.2.0, and a set of fake newspapers pages wich allows you to test the reliability of PhPress, and to train yourself to use it.

The testpages set is too available as a single, os-independent package.

The 'PhPress for Mac' package is already configured: you only need to copy it in your 'Applications' folder, start MAMP, and it's ready to use.... read more

Posted by Matt Perez 2007-08-22

PhPress: no more compatibilitie with Windows

As the functionnalities of PhPress under Windows are too poors, as it's too complicated to fix the issues created by this compatibility, and as too many Microsoft's users are disturbing me with stupid questions like: 'How can I use PhPress to manage my postcards collection?', I will no more keep any compatibility between PhPress and MS-Windows, and no more give any help to Windows users. PhPress needs Linux applications to work fine. It' an experimental and quite complicated system for research in History of the Mass-Media, not a CD/DVD collection manager.

Posted by Matt Perez 2007-06-11

PhPress: Version 0.2.0 uploaded

This release changes a lot the look and feel of the program, and provides new functionnalities which should be very useful.
This version, as it starts a new generation of PhPress, may be still more or less experimental. The next releases will fix any issues you could experience with this new interface.

Posted by Matt Perez 2007-05-07

New Release 0.1.8

This new release fixes is the last of the 0.1 serie, we are now working on the 0.2 wich will add a lot of new functionnalities and probably change the philosophy of this application..;

Posted by Matt Perez 2007-03-18

New release 0.1.7

This release fixes some bugs and performs very usefull new functionnalities.

Posted by Matt Perez 2007-02-19

0.1.6 released : new functionnalities

This release performs more pleasant interface and a new mode to compare two journals.

Posted by Matt Perez 2006-12-03

0.1.5 relased : important bug fixed

The new release of PhPress fixes a bug in the pages display system ; if you are using a previous version, you must upgrade.

Posted by Matt Perez 2006-11-20

Version 0.1.4 released

This new version offers a lot of new tools and functionnalities. See package notes for details.

Posted by Matt Perez 2006-11-10

Version 0.1.3 released

A new icon set, a more reliable interface, a new system to manage the "Affair" table, and some bugfixes.

Posted by Matt Perez 2006-10-09

Version 0.1.2 released

Some important improvements : affairs management

Posted by Matt Perez 2006-10-03

Version 0.1.1 released

It's a minor improvement of last 0.1.0 version ; some bugfixes, some translation errors corrected, a new functionnality to export files in jpeg format.

Posted by Matt Perez 2006-09-24

New release : version 0.1.0

A new version of PhPress is ready ; the project is still experimental, but this new version works really better. The database structure has changed, some functionnalities were added. New English translation of the system messages.

Posted by Matt Perez 2006-09-18

Version 0.0.5

New version uploaded, still experimental, but really more useful than the first one. Next version will be 0.1, with lots of modifications in the database structure.

Posted by Matt Perez 2006-08-11

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