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PHPoto 0.5.1 released

This release contains MANY optimizations from the previous version.

Templating is now trivial, so it is much easier to integrate PHPoto into your own website designs.

Other changes in this release include more logical output flow, the use of invariant loop conditionals for speed optimization, more elaborate installation instructions, and many other less significant changes as well.

Thanks for using PHPoto!... read more

Posted by David Bindel 2004-07-04

PHPoto 0.5.0 (stable) released!

PHPoto 0.5.0 has just been released!

New in the 0.5 branch is the replacement of PEAR DB with ADOdb, which will make PHPoto much more portable now that PEAR is not required.

Major UI improvements have been made. The UI is nowhere near done; we still have many ideas for the next version that are coming to fruition.

Also, a new feature for regenerating thumbnails makes customizing your albums even more powerful! Many other smaller bugfixes and changes have been made.... read more

Posted by David Bindel 2004-07-02

PHPoto 0.5.0-pre-3 released

PHPoto generates dynamic picture galleries on the Web using a PHP/MySQL backend. Features include multiple albums, file upload, automatic thumbnailing, captions, web-based administration panel, and an easy-to-use web-based installer.

Added a new feature: thumbnail regeneration! This will allow administrators to normalize the size of thumbnails in an album if they choose to change the album's max thumbnail size. Thumbnails will be regenerated to fit in the new size.... read more

Posted by David Bindel 2004-06-28

PHPoto 0.5.0-pre-4 released (major bugfixes!)

Fixed my package-building script so that it doesn't add carriage returns in the ZIP packages. This problem has, unbeknownst to me, plagued the ZIP file since PHPoto 0.5.0-pre-1 and has even prevented installation on many systems! This simple change has fixed many, many bugs that users may have experienced when trying to use PHPoto from a ZIP package. Users who were not previously able to install PHPoto are encouraged to give it another try -- it should work now.... read more

Posted by David Bindel 2004-06-26

New PHPoto website

The new PHPoto website has launched!

Lots of new information is available there. Also check out the new design!

David Bindel
PHPoto Developer

Posted by David Bindel 2004-06-22

PHPoto 0.5.0-pre-2 released

Includes several minor bugfixes, some filename changes, and better documentation.

Posted by David Bindel 2004-06-22

PHPoto 0.5 branch has begun

PHPoto has switched database abstraction layers from PEAR DB to ADOdb for its speed, size, bundling, and licensing advantages.

Images and thumbnails are now base64-encoded in the database to ensure integrity. Images uploaded using previous versions of PHPoto need to be re-encoded to display properly! See /INSTALL.txt for upgrade instructions.

Also, images in albums now retain their original filenames when downloaded.... read more

Posted by David Bindel 2004-06-17

PHPoto 0.4.3 released

Changes in PHPoto 0.4.3:
The installation script should work again! I forgot to change an obsolete variable in the last release that determines whether or not the installation form is displayed, but it's fixed now.

Also, calls to DB::escapeSimple() have been replaced with mysql_escape_string() for now because many servers use older version of PEAR DB (before DB 1.6) which do not support escapeSimple().... read more

Posted by David Bindel 2004-06-13

PHPoto 0.4.0 (stable) released!

PHPoto 0.4 has been redone using PEAR DB.

New features include a new CSS-driven theme, better documentation, GZIP compression, a more modularized Admin Panel, and more elaborate error handling. The interface is easier to navigate, and each page lists PHP version compatibility requirements and dependency information.

Many, many bugfixes and security fixes have been made, and Windows compatibility has been improved greatly.... read more

Posted by David Bindel 2004-05-29

PHPoto 0.4.0-pre-6 (last pre-release for 0.4)

A major bug that prevented PHPoto from running on Windows servers has been fixed -- now makes sure config table exists in the database before trying to load configuration constants from it. A major security flaw that prevented non-admins from viewing any picture has been fixed, as well as a major bug that prevented installation of database tables due to an erroneous SQL query. Other small bugfixes and changes have also been made.

Posted by David Bindel 2004-05-26

PHPoto 0.4.0-pre-5 released

Several major last-minute changes including modularization of the Admin Panel source code. Many bugfixes and security fixes. I promise this is the last pre-release before 0.4.0 stable (which will hopefully be coming this Friday, May 28th!)

See the changelog for more details.

Please test this version so we can get any kinks worked out of it. I look forward to PHPoto 0.4.0 -- STABLE!!! :D

David Bindel
PHPoto Developer

Posted by David Bindel 2004-05-25

PHPoto 0.4.0-pre-4 released

WIDESPREAD TESTING URGENTLY NEEDED: Please test this version on your own web server. Some people have reported PHP errors in /lib/functions.php despite that it works fine for others in similar PHP environments. ***This is the only remaining issue for the stable release of PHPoto 0.4.0.***

The /extras folder has been added for little extra things that might be included from time to time. File information has been added in comments at the top of every PHP page -- includes filename and PHP version and extension requirements for each page. Run the test for yourself, the file is in /extras/compat_info.php (requires PEAR PHP_Compat_Info.) Note: a couple of pages purportedly require PHP 4.3; however, special care has been taken to make them backward-compatible to PHP 4.0.0, so it is safe to ignore those notices. Overall, PHPoto will work all the way back to PHP 4.0.6.... read more

Posted by David Bindel 2004-05-24

PHPoto 0.4.0-pre-3

This will probably be the last pre-release for PHPoto 0.4.0 before it is released as the default stable version.

Bugs and typos have been fixed, more documentation added, and PHPoto has begun a transformation from a stale default look to something a little nicer (the 0.4.0 final release will look even better, however!)

I especially need people to test this version to make sure that all the bugs are worked out. I am currently aware of only one major bug in /admin/functions.php (around line 110) that a couple of people are having, but I have not been able to reproduce it myself nor find the cause of it because it is working as it should on my computer. If you have PHP coding skills, you're welcome to take your shot at uncovering the cause of the bug, and if you find any bugs, please report them by clicking the Bugs link at the top of this page.... read more

Posted by David Bindel 2004-05-21

PHPoto 0.4.0-pre-2 released

Added directory for libraries and other functions in external files and more comments among the code.

Improved string escaping in several files.

Result paging is now done using my open source phpPager class.

Improved and added to README and several minor code cleanups.

Although this is a pre-release, it should now be stable enough to use in production environments.

David Bindel

Posted by David Bindel 2004-05-20

PHPoto 0.4.0-pre-1 released

PHPoto has begun its next milestone with the 0.4 branch. Database functions have been converted to use the PEAR DB package (which is now required for running PHPoto) and several security fixes and minor enhancements.

PHPoto 0.4.0-pre-1 is a pre-release, and is probably not ready for production use yet (for production environments, PHPoto 0.3.6 is perfectly stable.) I would very much appreciate anyone who is willing to test this new version so we can fix and bugs that may have been introduced through this massive conversion.

Posted by David Bindel 2004-05-09

PHPoto 0.3.6 released

PHPoto, a full-featured dynamic photo gallery system, released version 0.3.6 today. Due to accidental omission, not all queries included the MySQL table prefix since version 0.3.0, but this problem has been corrected in PHPoto 0.3.6.

The new version can be downloaded at

David Bindel
PHPoto Developer

Posted by David Bindel 2004-05-08

PHPoto 0.3.5 released

PHPoto, a full-featured dynamic photo gallery system, released version 0.3.5 today to fix a couple of problems with installation that some users had.

The install script was made backwards-compatible to PHP >=4 and the installation instructions were brought up to date.

The new version can be downloaded at read more

Posted by David Bindel 2004-05-06

PHPoto 0.3.4 released, PHPoto development has resumed

I've been caught up with school and stuff for the last few months so I haven't had time to work on PHPoto much at all. After this upcoming week (which will be insanely hectic!), things will really ease up and I will be able to devote much more time to development.

Today I released PHPoto 0.3.4 to remedy a problem caused by a bugfix in PHP which causes relative include paths to be interpreted differently than before (in effect, causing PHPoto's include paths to break suddenly). Another major change is that I corrected this license information and added a file containing the LGPL.... read more

Posted by David Bindel 2004-05-02