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phpOraAdmin is one year old!

We have reached 4,064 page views and 1,320 downloads. A little bug fix release (0.4.2) has been published today. We are also listed at Oracle Open Source Projects page at .
Many thanks to all user feedback!

Posted by Karel Miarka 2004-06-18

phpOraAdmin 0.4.0 released

Only one usefull feature added: CREATE INDEX commands are displayed below CREATE TABLE commands, so you can see which columns are indexed on the selected table.

Posted by Karel Miarka 2004-04-06

phpOraAdmin 0.3.0 released

Send me any comments or bug reports. I'm looking forward to hear from you! Thanks.

* work with views and sequences added
* ordering browse results by columns
* some bugs fixed

Posted by Karel Miarka 2003-10-10

phpOraAdmin 0.2.0 released

More features implemented:
* Select page implemented
* Insert page implemented
* oracle user implemented for displaying tables of other users
* a few bugs fixed

Posted by Karel Miarka 2003-08-27

phpOraAdmin 0.1.0 released

phpOraAdmin should be helpful for PHP developers used to phpMyAdmin when they need to start to work with Oracle.

The main goal of this initial release is to provide the basic capabilities for browsing tables, editing rows and running SQL statements.

I find it more confortable than the command line SQLplus client provided by Oracle.

Posted by Karel Miarka 2003-06-18