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PHP Code Generator 3.0

1.Pog fetches result set arrays where possible (big performance boost)
2.Data encoding is handled within database
3.Plugin interface
4.Data encoding sanity check added to setup
5.Delete deep and across for siblings
6.Getlist accepts column names as filters
7.Getlist, GetChildren and GetSibling return all results if fcv_array is null
8.Better session etiquette
9.Improved PDO performance

Posted by Joel Wan 2007-07-25

PHP Code Generator 2.6

- <FIX> DNF not properly implemented for php4 and php5.1
- <FIX> GetChildrenList now always returns children in database.
(non-committed children are not returned). This addresses several bugs
which occurred when GetChildrenList was being called multiple times in
the same code block. Also addresses issues when GetChildrenList was
being called with different conditions successively.
- <FIX> GetSiblingList now always returns siblings in database.
(non-committed siblings are not returned). This addresses several bugs
which occurred when GetSiblingList was being called multiple times in
the same code block. Also addresses issues when GetSiblingList was
being called with different conditions successively.
- <FIX> PHP 4 GetSiblingList bug when fcv_array was being passed
- <NEW> POG Setup now contains unit tests for Sibling relations.
Improved previous unit tests as well.
- <NEW> Added PHPUnit3 tests to source code
- <FIX> Server-side POG update used throw errors when an @link

Posted by Joel Wan 2007-01-02

POG 2.5 released

1. Dropped support for databases other than MYSQL
2. Improved Parent-Child (1-many, many-1) relations. Bug fixes include
- checks that prevent same child from being added more than once to the childList
- documented a php 'bug' where adding children through a loop must be done by reference
- SetChildrenList now does what it was supposed to do: commits changes to the database, making previous children orphans.... read more

Posted by Joel Wan 2006-11-26

PHP Code Generator 2.1.0

1. Setup performs its job more thoroughly (tests connected objects now), is more stable and more verbose when something goes wrong.

2. setup performs automatic table alignment when the user modifies and regenerates objects.

3. Fixed relations bugs.

4. Improved database connection class to at least escape string when db_encoding is disabled.

5 Fixed POG-updates bug on the server side.

6. Setup can be password protected... read more

Posted by Joel Wan 2006-08-03

POG 2.0.1 released

Introduced functionality to mass update all objects to the latest POG
version. As from 2.0.1, developers will be able to update their objects
in 1 click. For e.g when you generate and use 2.0.1 objects in your web
application, and 2.0.2 and any subsequent version of POG are released,
you'll be able to update all your objects in 1 click from the setup
interface. This effectively means that 2.0.1 is the last version where
the developer has to upgrade his/her objects manually. ... read more

Posted by Joel Wan 2006-04-30

POG 2.0.0 released

1. Object Relations (
2. SOAP API, allow anyone to create other services on top of POG
3. Improved setup unit tests and interface
4. repositioning of object attributes using "up" and "down" keyboard
5. fixed all known bugs
6. allows database port configuration for mysql
7. allows developer to turn data encoding on/off from configuration
file ... read more

Posted by Joel Wan 2006-04-02

POG v1.6 rc2

added phpdoc generation for object attributes
added support for php pagination using GetList()

Posted by Joel Wan 2006-02-14

POG version 1.6 rc1

New features

Generated code package now contains a setup file
Web Interface

Better compatibility with Opera
Improved usability of Add Attribute feature.
Fixed @link bug which occurred with certain attribute of types
Generated Code Improvements

Generated code package doesn’t contain a README file anymore. Contents of readme has been merged into the setup file
CRUD methods are now identical across objects. In particular GetList has been renamed to GetList for all generated objects.
Improved code cleanliness and more consistent spacing in the
generated code.
GetList function now supports multiple conditions.
GetList function now supports Limit.
GetList orders object list by Id by default now.
Generated objects are more easily debugged.
Generated object have an internal attribute=>attribute type map that can be extended in the future to provide data validation.
Objects generated for PHP 5.1 and PDO are now more consistent with objects generated for PHP 4, 5.0. They now have the ability to escape data as well
Other obscure bug fixes
Minor performance improvements.

Posted by Joel Wan 2006-01-31

POG version 1.5 rev 3

Added compatibility with PDO. (PHP 5.1 and above)
Code generated with PDO as database wrapper is compatible with other databases such Oracle, SQL Server
Code can still be generated without using PDO as database wrapper and instead using the default POG wrapper.
URL is included in the code header & allows you to regenerate/modify your object more easily.
Minor bug fixin’s
Minor performance improvements

Posted by Joel Wan 2006-01-02

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