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looking for the old phpbb phpnet?

download the files here:

the new phpnet will be out in the future............

Posted by Dude 2005-08-06

2 Developers removed

they was completly inactive and alony proved the fall of phpnet phpbb

Posted by Dude 2005-05-25

scripts section added

we have added a scripts section for all of our other scripts to download, see also:
in our forums

Posted by Dude 2004-12-15

any php developers out there?

Hi, this project is in need of more developers, and the more help the better. If anyone would like to join all you would have to do is contact one of us or ask on the forums ( ) thanks

Posted by Dude 2004-09-04

4.0 final added to downloads

I noticed that alot of people where still downloading phpNet 4.0 beta on here so I thought I should add 4.0 final, you can see all of the relesed files here:
4.0 beta will not be taken off, but I would recommend you use final as the beta version does have alot of bugs. check out the release nots & changes for more info

Posted by Dude 2004-08-01

[!] 4.0 final - everyone should upgrade!

Its now out! Download below
Please report any and all errors in the Bugs or Error Reports forum.

It is highly recommend that all users update.

this version rules!

more news read here:

Posted by Dude 2004-06-23

4.0 Developers Version is out

A Developers Version of phpNet is currently out, but this is not for the general pubic nor the average user; this version is for development purposes only and should not be used as or on a live site.
To get it just make a post and state what you are wanting to try to achive with it, then once me or one of the other admins reviews your post and if all is ok you will recive a PM with the download and then be added to a group, again don't PM any of the staff requesting the download - you will just have to reply to this topic: (as explained above). ... read more

Posted by Dude 2004-05-18

Themes Package Released

A Package Was Released Today Containing All Available phpNet Themes. Please Feel Free to Download them and Use Them on your phpNet site

phpNet Developer and Styles Team Member
phpNet Sf Support Technichan

Posted by Brett Meadors 2004-03-30

Admin Panel Is going to be completly redone for 4.0 pre-fina

Admin Panel Is going to be completly redone for 4.0 pre-final, look forward too it ;)
many thanks to drakia for another one of his great projects ^_^ ------ expect more news to be posted soon

Posted by Dude 2004-03-22

Available Themes out!

currently We now have 3 Themes for your phpNet -

thanks to EklipzeDesigns for making us this one~

theme based from

Gray Default:

many thanks gos out to our Design Team -
being lead by cccpman 313
and the current members as are follows:
American Psycho, GameGod999, MercatorDesigns, nomad 27, Sprnv8, Street Supplies ... read more

Posted by Dude 2004-03-09

New theme and 4.0 is out!

yeah we got a sweet new theme thanks to EklipzeDesigns

more info:

Posted by Dude 2004-03-05

PHPnet 3.5 is out !

PHPnet is a free fast and reliable forum that have all the features webmasters want and users like and enjoy!
you can get an idea about some of PHPnet Features here :

phpnet Home page :

Posted by Dude 2004-02-14

Developers Wanted

Yeah we really need more developers for the development of php net - if you have any experence with php and what all you think you can do/help out with than state so, and thanks.

A few projects we are currently working on:
Directory file editor and brower (which will allow you to edit all files without the use of a ftp)

Modules & Blocks for add ons onto your php Net site

and a few more....

More info can be read here:

Posted by Dude 2003-12-29

File Manager Project

So far everything has been going smoothly with the File Manager Project - security risks are yet unknown however a few patches have been applyed and also its style has been updated greatly.

Posted by Dude 2003-12-29

Modules & Blocks

planned and development has begun for Modules & Blocks add ons - this is gonna be a hard task to do --- if anyone, and I mean anyone knows of some people with php know-how and that want to do some work and tell them about this project, thanks.

Posted by Dude 2003-12-26

Version 3.0

Version 3.0 is on its way! :D This one with have the sub-forum hack by Drakia. For more info see this topic:

Posted by Dude 2003-12-21

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