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phpMyPirates 0.0.6 Development Release

This is primarily an 'ease of use' release. The code now handles 'forward' and 'back' browsing without duplicating or undoing promotions. A mass updating feature has been added to pirate management tables to allow easily promoting a group of pirates to rank. Another addition is a comment field for promotions, also available with mass updating. Barring major bugfixes, this will be the last release before the donation tracking system is implemented.

Posted by Jason M. Wisnieski 2004-02-02

phpMyPirates 0.0.5a Development Release

Based on feedback from 0.0.5 users, a few high-priority bugfixes and access tweaks are released today. These have been tested at various access privelege levels and greatly assist in site management.

Posted by Jason M. Wisnieski 2004-01-21

phpMyPirates 0.0.5 Development Release

The first useful version of phpMyPirates is here! Preview-0.0.5 features the fully-functional promotion-tracking system. Also new in this release are crew and flag rosters, access to management functions for users other than the site administrator, and navigation bars to help move about the site.

Posted by Jason M. Wisnieski 2004-01-20

phpMyPirates Demo Installation

phpMyPirates has been made to work even in an environment as strange and picky as the Sourceforge Project Web Services! Although most of what works is 'behind the scenes,' keep up with our progress as we make it at

Posted by Jason M. Wisnieski 2004-01-12

phpMyPirates 0.0.4a Development Release

Testing continues, and the results are in! Today's update has a number of bug fixes and query tweaks to allow phpMyPirates to work on as many system configurations as possible.

Posted by Jason M. Wisnieski 2004-01-09

phpMyPirates 0.0.4 Development Release

Closer and closer to actually doing something useful! Preview 0.0.4 adds a sample index page, logout ability, and automatic upgrading of the database configuration, in addition to all the other changes and bug fixes.

Posted by Jason M. Wisnieski 2004-01-08

phpMyPirates 0.0.3 Development Release

As the project changes and grows, another release! Preview 0.0.3 features a fully-functional site administration page, as well as numerous other changes and corrections.

Posted by Jason M. Wisnieski 2003-12-30

phpMyPirates 0.0.2 Development Release

Following some relatively major code restructuring, phpMyPirates has a new development release to better reflect the state of the project. The pirate/user relationship exists, as well as the foundation for crews and flags. The 'module' concept has been added to allow for easy site design based on premade code blocks. For web design/user experience design, 0.0.2 is highly preferable to the original release.

Posted by Jason M. Wisnieski 2003-12-21

phpMyPirates 0.0.1 Development Release

phpMyPirates code is now available for download, along with preliminary documentation. This initial version can set up the database, register users, and authenticate them.

Posted by Jason M. Wisnieski 2003-12-02