#2 PhpMyLibrary Suggestion


PhpMyLibrary Suggestions:

New theme for phpmylibrary for identity purposes,
searching library catalogue should be the focus of the
said theme. The new phpmylibrary is somehow like google
or yahoo wherein it focuses on the search engine.

Cataloging should be in raw data format not in MARC
format. In this manner catalogue searching will be
faster. MARC format occurs only when exporting the
data. Dealing with MARC import, MARC data should be
converted to raw data format not storing the data as
MARC in MySQL. (performance)

Cataloging should be easy enough for cataloger. (see
example: opnbiblio cataloging style) This will give you
the optimal way of encoding data and do checkout the
mysql structure when storing the raw data. (observe the
usmarc table) This will give you a better picture what
I’m trying to point out.

Optimizations of the indexes for faster select, delete,
and update. Indexes data type length should start at 1
incremental. (performance)

Searching result display must be readable enough or
simply remove the boxes around it. (make it readable).
By removing the some border and bgcolor will improve
the loading performance of phpmylibrary. (readable and

The default theme font must be readable for users or
larger than it use to be. (CSS)

I’m telling you this for better phpmylibrary, its up to
you if you implement it or at least an idea for
phpmylibrary roadmap. Integration of CMS can come later
when these features is on its best performance. Hope to
hear for you….

More power PhpMyLibrary!


Most school use in house library software. Thus,
encoding it in raw data will force then to use the
phpmylibrary even without know MARC format.

System developer


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