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Project has new lead

I've taken over this abandoned project. Working on migrating the code to PHP 5.3

Posted by Michael Stoppay 2010-11-01

v2.81 - Minor bugfix only

If you already fixed the login.php and forgotpw.php bugs yourself, don't bother downloading v2.81

Posted by David J Edery 2003-01-18

PMI v2.8 released

Wow - many things have changed or been created. A general overview:

1) Systems now have three sortable categories: assigned to a "user", "spare", and "independent".
2) Systems and periperhals can be assigned statuses: "Working", "In Service", "Need Service"
3) software handling has been greatly improved: now you can track licenses (which are affected by license type"), indicate whether software is machine-bound or not, and whether software is an OS or not. OS-designation gives software certain properties, such as priority in certain lists.
4) program security has been improved.
5) the ugly gradient left nav has been cleaned up. ;)
6) You can now assign and track system IP Addresses
7) Added a help ("introduction") page
8) Various UI improvements.

Posted by David J Edery 2002-08-22

Version 2.4 Released

See release notes for details. BTW, apologies to all users of prior versions; unfortunately, there is no easy way to switch to v2.4. You'll have to enter your old data manually, or wait for me to (someday) get around to making a conversion script...

Posted by David J Edery 2001-09-23

Version 2.2 released

Version 2.2 includes a much-requested internal security (permissions) system, and the code has been cleaned up yet a bit more. Nothing much else.

Posted by David J Edery 2001-09-07

Version 2.1 Released

Minor release, including mostly UI tweaks and improvements in code cleanliness (plus one bug fix). See release notes.

Posted by David J Edery 2001-07-05

Our first survey is up...

Hi all - if you've downloaded and installed phpMyInventory vs. 2.0, *please* take the time to fill out our very brief survey! We'd love to know what you think!

Posted by David J Edery 2001-04-21

Version 2.0 is released!!!

Hey all - v2.0 is out; check out the release notes for more details! Please let us know what you think...

Posted by David J Edery 2001-04-16