#32 Large Amount of Feature Requests


Hello. This is an excellent chat system but I think it
still needs some sprucing up.

Feature 1: Multiple Admins

Phpmychat lacks multiple admins. I recommend three
tiers of admins: roomadmin, realmadmin and

RoomAdmin has the ability to moderate over one
room. Realm Admin has the ability to moderate over
all the rooms and WorldAdmin has access to
configuration of the chat, plus the ability to moderate
over all the rooms.

Feature 2: Secure Rooms.
I would like to see secure rooms where it requires a
moderator/chat admin to move a regular user in and

Feature 3: More Admin Commands.
I notice a lack of admin commands. Commands I
would like to see are:

/shout - broadcasts a message throughout the rooms.
/mute (username) (on/off) - silences/gag a user for an
infinite amount of time. Off removes the mute.
/mute username $number - silences/gag a user for a
specified time
/kill (username)- kicks a user out of a chat room
/move (username) (roomname)- moves a user from
one room to another.
/hush (on/off)- Prevents Public Actions. It allows only
moderators to chat.
/worldadmin - brings up the worldadmin control panel
/realmadmin - brings up the realmadmin control panel
/inviso (on | off)- feature that allows room, realm and
world admins to remain from room lists, room chatter
counts, and active users in a room.
/summon (username) - teleports a user from one room
to the room an admin is in.

Feature 4: Room Features:
-Better Chat Logs, scaled to a per room basis. One
Room has One Chat Log.
-Specify a room capacity before the server creates a
duplicate room to prevent too many users in one room
-Specify maximum chatters in a room. (can be set to
-Better Event System. I would like users to type /ask
(question) and a chat moderator would be able to
display questions from the realmadmin control panel.

so let's say i type /ask what does this chat do

An admin would select the question and publish it in
the chat room. The admin also has the ability to
remove the question if deemed inappropiate.

-Event Room/Feature
This feature allows you to silence a room and prevent
public actions. This also needs a VIP feature where
you can add VIP so that they can speak.

-Password Protect Rooms
Allows admins/users to create password protected
rooms. Admins can enter room without password
unless specified by a realmadmin they need a

Feature 5:
I notice that the chat lacks emotions. I would like to
see emotions such as /hug etc.

Should Username 1 type /hug, it will display:
Username1 gives everyone a big hug.

IF Username 1 types /hug username2, it will display:
Username1 hugs Username 5.

Feature 6: Private Messages:
I would like to see private messages open up in a new
window. Helps save people headaches in trying to
figure out which is a private message and which is a
public text.

Feature 7: Cheetachat?
Is there anychance this chat can be made compatible
with Cheetachat (http://www.cheetachat.com)

I would like to use a chat client over the normal
system though for the event stuff, and reading of logs,
I guess the normal chat is required.

Feature 8: user commands
/away (on | off [away message]) Helps to set an away
message when you go away. This stops PMs from

/follow (username) allows you to follow a user wherever
they go.

/removefollow (username) - removes a user from
following you

/stopfollow (username) - ends a person's following a

Disclaimer: There should be a feature that limits how
many users a person can follow. Otherwise huge trains
will be formed and it floods the chat.

/goto (username) - allows you to goto which room a
user is.

/autogoto (yes | no | ask) sets the permissions
whether a user would like someone to teleport them
automatically, disallowing all teleporting or requesting
permission to teleport to the user

/autofollow (yes | no | ask) sets the permissions
whether a user would like someone to follow them
automatically, disallowing them to follow all together,
or requesting permission for a user to follow.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I back all of these suggestions..please add more
    administrative features! thanks

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I like all of these features, even though it's going to be pretty
    hard to do it. They're almost (if not identical) like ichat



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