#89 Eternal login problems since years now


Hi to all.

I remark lots of login problems in the forum and here in the bug reports, nearly never answered or solved. Will you check and improve the login system?

Cause i've got lots of kick out problems or login back to the start problems like i saw here for lots of users.



  • Ciprian Murariu

    Ciprian Murariu - 2013-05-17

    Why anonymous? How can we interact like that?
    Login issues could have many reasons, which include client browser capabilities or such (if an user disable javascript or sets a very high security level).
    We needed to know more info about this report, so we could reproduce the error: which browser causes that behavior, maybe it's version too. Also some php server info would be helpful, like version, safe mode or not, aso.

    Have you read the Plus FAQ provided? Here's a quote for you to read, it might apply to your server:
    After installing, I get one or more of these errors:
    - I cannot login or register a new account;
    - There is no error message returned;
    - I cannot select a different language. Whatever I try, the page is in English;
    - The font on the index page is with serifs, not the Arial or Verdana.
    This error is related to the restrictions of your php server (register_globals = off).
    Check the settings using a phpinfo.php file and check if either safe_mode is on or register_globals is off. Disable first and enable the second one.

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  • Ciprian Murariu

    Ciprian Murariu - 2013-05-17
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