#4176 Editing a "large" number of rows (merely a few dozens) takes ridiculously long and leads to unisable interface


Steps to reproduce:

  • browse a table with about 40-50 rows
  • click the "show all" button on the top
  • select all rows with the "check all" checkbox at the bottom
  • click Edit

it should take a fraction of a second to open the editing interface, and it should be in a new clean page, not a stupid popup-like draggable overlay which only makes sense for small amount of lines. Or at the very least, if it must be in a popup (because popup/ajax is always cooler for its own sake, apparently), then it should be correctly positioned within the window, fast to load, usable, and you shouldn't need to scroll the containing page to view the whole popup (which has its own scroller inside).

the editing interface (that allows you to edit the selected data) takes a painful long time to open, during which the browser hangs and stop responding (it's clearly not loading time, it's time spent in some overly inefficient javascript loop I guess); it takes so long that most of the times the browser will even issue the warning that a script is not responding and prompt you whether to kill it. But I choose "wait" and the editing interface finally opens.
It opens in a fancy popup-like draggable overlay, which is ridiculously ill-positioned (starting near to the bottom of the current window), so that you have to scroll the containing page in order to see the whole popup, which in turn has its own scroller (the latter being ok). The popup should be positioned fixed to the viewport, not to the page.
Also, the popup is awfully slow to drag.

This is a regression. The old style interface, where editing rows would lead to a new fresh window rather than open a popup, was FAR more usable.
The new everything-in-fancy-ajax-popups-at-all-costs way of doing things is a huge step backwards.

In cases like this, the popup should not exist: the editing interface should open in a new page, taking all the necessary precautions so that you could go back to the previous page with the browser "back" button. That is possible.

Unless the popup can be made decent, clean, usable and functional, which it definitely is not, currently.

Just one more case in which usability is being unnecessarily sacrificed in favour of (questionable) aesthetics.


  • sistisette

    sistisette - 2013-12-10

    Note that having a scrollable popup on top of a scrollable page is tremendously annoying and should be avoided at all costs unless the popup has fixed positioned (relative to the window, not page).
    Because otherwise, when you use the mouse wheel (or two finger scrolling on a touchpad), you continuously accidentally switch between scrolling the containing page and scrolling the contents of the popup.

  • Marc Delisle

    Marc Delisle - 2013-12-11

    You are using an out of date version. The current stable version is 4.0.10 which does not show a popup in this situation.

  • Marc Delisle

    Marc Delisle - 2013-12-11
    • status: open --> out-of-date