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Read Me

...::::::	phpMpReloded	....::::::

	R E A D M E 
This seems to be just another PHP Webclient for Music Player Daemon ( 
But it is the continuation of the existing projects phpMp, phpMp+, phpMp2, phpMp3 and thus as stable as them,
although new an shiny. Simple and easy to use. New clients are welcome.

There is a huge number of webclients based on php for mpd out there. The project is going to join them into
one client collection. So each player is selectable through a nice selector. 

Projects which are already included in phpMpReloded:
  - phpMp
  - phpMp+
  - phpMp2
  - phpMp3
  - IPodMp
  - MPD-Web-Remote

Do you want your webclient include into phpMpReloded?
have any suggestion/question also bug reports go here:

This file is part of the phpReloaded Project
  visit us at

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