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Rafael Iga
  • Rafael Iga

    Rafael Iga - 2008-08-26


    i made a change on phpminadmin, to show the number of the tables above the tables, how do i procced to commit this change ?

    • Jakub Vrána

      Jakub Vrána - 2008-08-27

      Please send me a patch and I will decide if it will be included in the source.

      I think that number of tables is not such an important information to show it on every page.

      • Rafael Iga

        Rafael Iga - 2008-08-27

        its important to compare a local database to another.
        how can i send a patch ? just send the file that was modified ?

        • Jakub Vrána

          Jakub Vrána - 2008-08-27

          Yes. Or send a result of `svn diff`.


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