how to connect to database?

  • wroot

    wroot - 2008-09-09

    There is no documentation about using phpMinAdmin. I have put it on my host. And then i connect to and it asks me for Server/User/Password? What these should be?

    In host management panel i have create new DB host_test and a user host_test assigned to that database. There are also Hosts part in DB management. And it has localhost host already.

    So what should i put in these fields if this is possible to use phpMinAdmin in my situation?

    • Jakub Vrána

      Jakub Vrána - 2008-09-10

      They are the credentials to MySQL server which you want to connect to. You have to fill:

      Server: localhost
      User: host_test
      Password: your password

      • wroot

        wroot - 2008-09-10

        thanks, that worked out


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