#10 Add option 'Check only updated files'


At this moment, I see a lot of CS tasks about some legacy code, which wouldn't be refactored anyway. It just floods other important CS tasks.

So, I would appreciate option, which will allow to check only changed files (in a local working copy). Changed files could be selected by VCS plugins


  • Jens Radtke

    Jens Radtke - 2012-04-25

    Sounds like a good idea, I'll have a look at it. Not sure how easy it might be to get vcs state of working copy...

  • Jens Radtke

    Jens Radtke - 2012-05-13

    Ok, it's not that easy, since atm netbeans api only gives access to svn / git modules for a defined list of other modules (called friends). Like most other parts in nb I need to become a friend of those api modules. This takes time, maybe I will end up building the whole ide just to get access to other api modules :(


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