NEWS - 2013-04-03 Release 6.0.0


This is the current stable release of PHPlot. This release includes a significant rewrite how PHPlot automatically calculates the plot area range and tick increments from the data points. A number of new features and bug fixes are also included.

The PHPlot Reference Manual has been updated to match this release. A previously-experimental feature to help create HTML image maps is now fully documented in the manual.

Cautions, Important Notes, and Compatibility Issues:

There are some important compatibility issues you need to be aware of before upgrading to PHPlot-6.0.0 from any previous version. Many scripts will produce different-looking plots with PHPlot-6.0.0 compared to earlier versions. This is mostly due to changes in the automatic plot range and tick increment calculations. Also, some scripts may fail, if they access PHPlot class internal variables (properties) which have been changed to have 'protected' visibility. See the details below.

Plot range calculations changed

PHPlot-6.0.0 uses a completely new method to calculate each of the 4 limits of the plot area which are not defined using SetPlotAreaWorld(). As a result, most plots that don't use SetPlotAreaWorld() with all 4 coordinates given will look different under PHPlot-6.0.0. The two most notable changes are that PHPlot-6.0.0 will usually stretch the range to include zero (if the range does not already include zero), and under most conditions will ensure that the X axis and Y axis both start and end at a tick mark position (even if tick marks and labels are not visible). See bug #101 below.

Tick increment calculations changed

PHPlot-6.0.0 uses a completely new method to calculate tick increments along the X axis and Y axis. This only occurs if the tick increments have not been set using SetXTickIncrement() or SetNumXTicks() for X, and SetYTickIncrement() or SetNumXTicks() for Y. If you let PHPlot calculate the tick increments, your plot will likely have fewer or more tick intervals than before, and the tick increment will be different. In general, PHPlot-6.0.0 makes much better choices for tick increment. See bug #132 below.

Class variable visibility changed

Most PHPlot class variables now have 'protected' visibility, so they are no longer accessible from scripts that use the class. If your script directly accesses PHPlot class variables - other than those documented in the manual for 'tuning' - your script will not work with PHPlot-6.0.0. This change was necessary because some internal class variables change in each PHPlot release, and it is impossible to maintain compatibility with direct access to all these class variables. If your script breaks because of variable visibility changes, please: (1) see if you can use a public PHPlot class function instead, or (2) post a message to the PHPlot help forum explaining why you need access to a particular class variable.

SetPlotAreaWorld() now validates arguments

Starting with PHPlot-6.0.0, the SetPlotAreaWorld() function checks non-NULL arguments for validity. For both X and Y, it is required that min < max if both are specified. If you have a script that calls SetPlotAreaWorld() with max <= min for either X or Y, that script will now fail. On the other hand, some valid cases where you specify only one end of a range would previously fail and now work.

SetRGBArray() now validates argument

If you use SetRGBArray() to load a custom color map but pass an invalid argument (not an array or one of the known keywords), PHPlot will now fail with an error message. In previous releases, a default black/white color map was loaded in that case, with no error reported.

Removed order dependency: number of ticks and tick increment

If you want to control the tick increments (rather than letting PHPlot calculate them), you should set either the number of ticks (SetNumXTicks(), SetNumYTicks()) or the tick increment (SetXTickIncrement(), SetYTickIncrement()), but not both, for each axis. If you do set both, PHPlot-5.8.0 and earlier will use the last setting you made, and ignore the other. PHPlot-6.0.0 gives priority to the tick increment setting and ignores the number of ticks, regardless of the order. (The new behavior is consistent with the PHPlot design goal that you can use the various Set*() functions in any order and get the same plot.)

Bugs Fixed in 6.0.0:

Fixed [bugs:#101] "Fix automatic Y range calculations":

PHPlot now calculates the Y (and X) ranges using a completely different method, which is described in the manual. There are new functions to 'tune' the algorithm used, and of course you can still set the range limits manually. In most cases, PHPlot now makes much better choices for the plot range limits.

Fixed [bugs:#132] "Improve tick interval calculations":

PHPlot now by default picks a tick increment which is 1, 2, or 5 times a power of 10, for much more 'natural' results. There are alternate algorithms for selecting a 'binary' (power of 2) or date/time-based tick increment instead. Rather than simply dividing the plot range by 10, PHPlot now selects a tick increment based on the above requirement and which results in at least 8 (by default) tick intervals. Of course, you can still specify the tick increment(s) directly.

Fixed [bugs:#164] "Calculated defaults applied to subsequent plots":

This has been fixed for the cases of grid visibility, X data label angle, and label format. A new bug #168 was written for a remaining issue with label position defaults. This only apples when creating multiple plots on a single image (overlay or side-by-side).

Fixed [bugs:#165] "Missing axis labels on some empty plots":

In some cases, X axis labels would be absent for a plot with an empty data array. PHPlot will now draw the axis labels even when the data array is empty.

Fixed [bugs:#166] "Legend, UsePointShapes, and shape='none'":

PHPlot will now fall back to using a point marker in the legend when doing a linepoints plot with a dataset using 'none' as the point shape (rather than doing no marker at all). This only applies with SetLegendUseShapes(True).

Fixed [bugs:#167] "Fails to find a default font on Ubuntu":

Ubuntu (via Debian) changed the installation path for the TrueType font that PHPlot used as a default, causing font selection to fail. The new font installation path has been added to the search list, and now PHPlot can find the default TrueType font on Ubuntu.

New features in 6.0.0:

[feature-requests:#29] "Finer control over plot element colors":

This was an open-ended feature request that is partially implemented and now closed. New functions were added to control element colors. (Some other functions were added in previous releases.) In PHPlot-6.0.0, these functions were added: SetLegendBgColor() for legend background color; SetLegendTextColor() for legend text color, and functions for pie chart border colors (see feature request #46 below).

[feature-requests:#45] "Control pie chart start angle":

Implemented with new functions SetPieStartAngle() and SetPieDirection(). The angle for the first segment, and the direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) can now be set for pie charts.

[feature-requests:#46] "Control pie chart borders":

Implemented with new functions SetDrawPieBorders() and SetPieBorderColor(). Pie segment borders can now be on (default for unshaded) or off (default for shaded), and the color can be set independent of other elements.

[feature-requests:#47] "Extend horizontal plots to more types":

This is partially implemented. Horizontal lines, linepoints, and points plots are now implemented. Error plot versions of those horizontal plot types are not yet implemented, but will probably be in the next release 6.1.0 (with the introduction of a new data type).

Note: In implementing feature request #47, the code for 'error' and 'non-error' versions of the 3 plot types above were merged. A side effect of this is that data value labels (the labels within the plot area, identifying the data value at each point) now work for error plots, if enabled. However, the default label position at 90 degrees will be crossed by the positive error bar. To avoid this, you can use the tuning variable data_value_label_angle; for example setting it to 45 degrees.

[feature-requests:#50] "Control legend colorbox borders":

Implemented with new function SetLegendColorboxBorders(). There are now 3 choices for the borders around color boxes in the legend: 1) use the 'text' color (the default, and compatible with PHPlot-5.8.0 and older); 2) use data border colors; and 3) disable the borders.

Note: Along with the implementation of feature request #50, a new function SetDrawDataBorders() was added to control drawing the data borders on bars and stackedbars plots. This supports having the same style (borders with matching color, or no borders) on both the legend color boxes and the data bars. The default is backward compatible: borders on unshaded plots, and no borders on shaded plots.

[feature-requests:#51] "Lines instead of colorboxes in legend":

Implemented with existing function SetLegendUseShapes(). PHPlot now has the option of showing short line segments (with correct color and width) in the legend, rather than color boxes. This applies to lines and squared plots only.


Bugs: #101
Bugs: #132
Bugs: #164
Bugs: #165
Bugs: #166
Bugs: #167
Discussion: PHPlot-6.0.0 and updated manual released
Feature Requests: #29
Feature Requests: #45
Feature Requests: #46
Feature Requests: #47
Feature Requests: #50
Feature Requests: #51
Wiki: 6.0.0-README

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