#126 page_close problem


First I'm not an expert, far from it, so maybe my mistake.

I start the page with
page_open(array("sess" => "Sid",
"auth" => "Example_Auth",
"perm" => "Permisito"

some code
then I create new DB object for use with other things
$db2= new DB_Stuff();
//So far everything executes ok.


In local.inc I have 2 classes extending Db_Sql (DB_phplib
for use exclusivly by phplib and the other to take
advantage of the phplib func for other stuff)

class DB_phplib extends DB_Sql {
var $Host = "localhost";
var $Database = "phpliDB";
var $User = "user";
var $Password = "pass";

class DB_Stuff extends DB_Sql {
var $Host = "localhost";
var $Database = "Another DB";
var $User = "user2";
var $Password = "pass2";


class My_CT_Sql extends CT_Sql {
var $database_class = "DB_phplib";
var $database_table = "active_sessions";

class Sid extends Session {
var $classname = "Sid";

var $cookiename = "";
var $magic = "magic";
var $mode = "cookie";
var $fallback_mode = "get";
var $lifetime = 0;
var $that_class = "My_CT_Sql";
var $gc_probability = 5;
var $allowcache = "no";

The problem is that after performing couple queries with a
DB_Stuff object and finally calling page_close, it seems
phplib try to use DB_Stuff to perform their tasks and not
the DB_phplib.
So it ends with an error saying "can't find table
active_sessions" (that does not exist in the DB_Stuff db)

I thought I should report this.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    It seems this a problem related to mysql or server setup and
    not to phplib.

    I tested it in a server of my own and works ok, but in a
    webhosting I rented that offers 3 databases presents the
    above problem.

    I don't know.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I think there must be some error in ur code. Please check ur


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