#15 Nested Subnets


Using Version 0.4 we can only add subnets to the root. This is less desirable in a larger environment where we are allocated space and then we subnet as necessary sometimes creating multiple levels.


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    Anonymous - 2011-10-21

    Hey there,

    this Feature improvement was also my first idea for this tool. Is there any estimation that this will be build in?

    Best regards.


  • Leon

    Leon - 2011-12-13

    This feature is exactly what I feel is missing.

    We are looking to sub-allocate subnets to customers in various sizes. Without multiple levels of nesting this doesn't scale to well for us.

  • Miha Petkovsek

    Miha Petkovsek - 2011-12-14

    I will check, I think it shouldn't be a problem, I just need to add one loop for it...

  • Adam Kennedy

    Adam Kennedy - 2011-12-20

    We desperately need this as well. I am willing to donate $50 to make this happen.

  • Christian Renner

    We also miss this feature, would be great if this could be added soon :)

  • Martin Komon

    Martin Komon - 2012-01-03

    +1 for this feature

  • Miha Petkovsek

    Miha Petkovsek - 2012-02-28

    Hi, I have added additional level of subnet nesting, is this sufficient? Please see attached screenshot.

  • Christian Renner

    Yes, looks nice. But it seams that created "sub-subnets" doesn't appear in the Subnet management (I am able to see the created subnet in the normal Subnet view)

    Thanks for your work!

  • Miha Petkovsek

    Miha Petkovsek - 2012-02-28

    Yes, you are right, will add it.

  • Miha Petkovsek

    Miha Petkovsek - 2012-02-28


  • Christian Renner

    Great, thank you!
    Would it be a lot of work to add about 2 more levels? Mainly on IPv6 networks (we've got a /32) it would be great to go more down in the hierarchy.

  • Leon

    Leon - 2012-03-04

    thanks - that helps a little though still finding restrictive having only 3 layers of nesting (especially with IPv6 Networks) - could the code be re-worked to have infinite number (until depletion of free space) of subnets?

    for now I have duplicated the code block that does to L3 nesting over and over and over again which isn't very sustainable.

  • SomeTelco

    SomeTelco - 2012-08-15

    phpIPAM is hands down a winner as far as features yet we cant roll it out into production with only three layers of nesting. It might be alright for IPv4 but for v6 it just wouldnt work.

    I like leonkyne suggestion that you can nest until blocks can no longer be split.

    Seems like there is a bit of demand for this feature, would it be that hard to implement I wonder? Even if we could get 10 layers that would go a lot further :)

  • Miha Petkovsek

    Miha Petkovsek - 2013-01-04

    Fixed in 0.7, closing

  • Miha Petkovsek

    Miha Petkovsek - 2013-01-04
    • status: open --> closed
    • milestone: --> Next_Release


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