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PHP Home 2.3.4 released

after stabilizing of PHP 5.x code we are releasing the first PHP Home with ZEND2 core.

PHP Home 2.3.4 contains of:

PHP 5.x
MYSQL 4.20a
phpMyADmin 2.6.x with new look&feel
Apache 2.0.50


Posted by Milan Gacik 2004-07-29

PHP Home 2.3.2 soon

I am current fixing same last issues till PHP HE 2.3.2 will be released. Working beta is available at

all Windows 95/98/ME testers are welcomed :)
Final version will be relesed this week

Posted by Milan Gacik 2003-09-28

PHP HOME 2.3.0 released

After some time and unoficial release of PHP 2.2.8 was released oficial version of PHP HOME 2.3.0

I would like to ask all, to test it and create a bug reports accordingly, because I dont have Win98/95 test system.

Please also have WINSOCK 2 and DCOM 98 installed!

Posted by Milan Gacik 2003-07-09

PHP Home 2.2.8 released

This build contain APache 2.0.44, but does not support Windows9x now, because Apache have some internal problems, which should be fixed soon. Patch will be released then.

Posted by Milan Gacik 2003-01-29

MANUAL service installation

PHP Home 2.2.7 does not install service Apache2 automatically to avoid automatic apache startup on slow machines.

You can start apache if you want by clicking on apache icon or you can install and run service via

install_serv.bat script located in Apache2/bin directory.

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-12-31

PHP Home 2.2.7 released

Contain new version of MYSQL database with last security fix. EVERY users of PHP HOME are adviced to update to avoid intruder access.

+ fixed autoscroll problem
+ new Web folder dialogue [Mindvision is shit :(], you can select where your
default web storage directory will be
+ php4ts.lib and php4ts.dll are persistently removed when reinstalling PHPHome2
+ MYSQL 3.23.54 [security bugfix]
+ russian translation by Oleg Curtev [can somebody verify this?]

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-12-29

PHP Home 2.2.6 released

+ Hungarian Language support, Thanks to Tibor Visnai [visnait at]
+ Fixed problem with cgi-scripts configuration
+ PHP 4.4.0 "rockstable" version :) compiled by MGX

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-11-24

T-shirt for one postcard !!!

We want to have postcards from countries and cities where people use PHP HOME Edition.

Send a postcard from your home city to our address:

Milan Gacik
Jeseniova 99
130 00 Praha 3
Czech Republic

and include your mailing address and email. We will draw one sender, which will get lovely T-shirt with logo for free.

Draw will be at 1.12.2002, so we are waiting for lovely postcards all around the world.

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-11-03

PHP Home 2.2.5 released

Changes with PHP Home Edition 2.2.5 [30.10.2002] Build 210 [Code name: Omaha]
+ Apache 2.0.43
+ Mysql 3.23.53
+ phpMyAdmin 2.3.2
+ php 4.4.0
+ fixed some chinese language screens ;)
+ fixed bad httpd.conf directives
+ 2 main install procedures [windows9x and NTfamily] will fix problem with
apache stop under Windows9x family. Apache will run in console mode only,
but can be stopped without problems ;)

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-10-27

PHP Home 2.2.4 released

New features:

+ enabled ZLIB compression by default
+ new install image
+ Zend in stable mode => PHP 4.2.4
+ Apache 1.3.42
+ fixed problem with server root if not on C drive [thanks to thomas zahreddin]
+ phpmyadmin 2.3.1
+ Simplified Chinese language - thanks Ou Lanhui [ouland at]

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-10-15

PHP Home 2.2.3 released

Today we have released new fresh version of PHP Home. Updated version containts:

Apache 2.0.40, Mysql 3.23.52, phpMyAdmin 2.3.0

I have tried to add also extension configuration dialog, but InVise is very stupid installer, which cannot support programming inside. Futher development will be probably in another installation software, probably Installshield.

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-08-17

PHP Home 2.2.2 released

Changes with PHP Home Edition 2.2.2 [15.8.2002] Build 180
+ updated PHP engine stability under windows Apache2 mode [experimental]
+ new Informix RDBS support build-in
+ romanian language by Paiu Claudiu [pclaudiu at]
+ httpd.conf is replaced only with user approval
+ new hosts and httpd.conf examples in doc directory for study
+ phpMyAdmin 2.3.0

You can download new version from
on sourceforge will be final version available on saturday

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-08-14

PHP Home 2.2.1 is POST SAFE

In last Php Home 2.2.1 we have used last version of developer cvs snapshot, so you do not need to upgrade, security black-hole detected in PHP 4.2.0 or 4.2.1 is not included here.

Next version of PHP Home will include 4.2.3 Zend Version and also Romanian translation!

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-07-24

PHP Home 2.2.1 released

Introduced new spanish and french language and PhpMyAdmin 2.2:7rc2. This version is only minority patch, you do not need them to apply

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-07-15

Spanish and French translation finished

Thanks to great work of Dominique Geraghty (French translation) and Alfredo Rahn (Spanish) we introduce 2 more install languages to PHP Home Installation. Version 2.1.1 will be available in 2 days.

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-07-13

Seeking for translators...

We are searching for people able to translate installation script into local languages. If you are "experienced" speaker in french, portugal,hungary, danish or other languages and you want to have your local language included in PHP HOME installation, feel free to contact us.

Translation process is really easy, it takes about 1-3 hours to translate one messages file. Translation can be done in normal text editor.... read more

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-06-29

PHP Home 2.2.0 released

PHP Home Edition is a complete package including WWW server Apache, DBS Server MYSQL and scripting language PHP into one fully operational system. Including additional compiled libraries for Win32 OS and many more. Easy to install, plug and play installation.

Changes with PHP Home Edition 2.2 [28.6.2002] Build 172
+ Apache security update 2.0.39
+ Mysql 3.23.51
+ php 4.2.2 RC1 = compiled by MGx; SAPI mode enabled... read more

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-06-28

PHP Home 2.1.1 prepared

Hi, new version of PHP Home will support Slovak, ENglish and German language ;)

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-06-18

PHP Home 2.0.8 Avalaible

Please update ASAP to 2.0.8 because of security and PHP modular mode :)

Can be download from

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-04-25

PHP HOME 2.0.6

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-03-02

PHP Home 2.0.6 released

New version can be found on

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-03-02

PHP Home 1.0.2 released!

Today we release new updated version of our package PHP Home 1.0.2. Fixed problems with shortcuts and some small minor bugs. Click on to see this product

Posted by Milan Gacik 2001-10-08