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Site Update

I have done some neccessary updates (closed tickets, opened the forums again) I would welcome it to make use of them again.

Posted by Heitkamp 2003-08-26

- NEW ADMIN - Christian Heitkamp

As you properly recognized there has been very little action toward updates, further development or any support been. Since I have developed a new version based on the code of version I have asked to administrate the page for the meanwhile. Still all help is highly appreciated! Please contact me if you can offer any kind of support!
We will start now fresh with a version 1.0 since it includes a whole bunch of changes (For details see release notes). For the meanwhile you can find a running version under the following URL which you can test:
User: admin
Password: admin
As soon I have packed a release package I will post it. Please report bugs to the corresponding tracker.
Best Regards and that we can bring this project a little nit further!
Christian (tamo2000)

Posted by Heitkamp 2003-08-26

W3C Standard Implementation

PHP Helpdesk is in need of W3C Standards implemented. If you are interested in helping out with the project, please email the project manager at

Posted by Joseph Hoot 2001-05-01

Internationalization - Help Wanted!

For those who have been wanted PHP Helpdesk to use multiple languages, I have a job for you. I would like you to grab a copy of PHP Helpdesk, preferebly out of CVS. Install it and make sure that it is working on your machine. Once it is working, translate all the English, which is displayed in the web browser, to the language of your choice. I have had requests for Italian, German, Norweigen, Spanish, and Russian. I would love to have many more translations, however. So if you have time and would like to contribute to PHP Helpdesk, please download the latest copy and translate it. When you are finished, tar or zip up the phphelpdesk/ directory and email it to I thank you in advance. Joe.

Posted by Joseph Hoot 2001-04-27