Dan Jeffery - 2007-11-13

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typing in the dark, hit the enter key. grrr...
Anyway, to finish that thought...
If creating new users and managing phpgraphy settings could be kept as one set of "super admin" functions and basic file upload, batch thumbnail gen and creating new directories (rotate files, edit tags) could be delegated on folders at the users security level it would really be nice.

2. If this could be integrated with the request for separation of access so users could be parallel admins, able to upload and manipulate their own content but not mess with each others that would be a real added plus.

3. Uploading of entire folders/directories and .zip files would also be a real bonus, although ftp works for now. The fact that I can just symlink to directories stored in other locations and have them included and thumbnails generated is one of the big things that brought me back from Gallery2, BTW.

Thanks for the great product!