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Bad news

Hi everyone,
phpGrabComics main server ( is receiving an unexpected - and far to extensive amount of traffic at the present time.

At the present time, in February, phpGrabComics is generatin more than 200 mb of daily traffic from users, and three times more from robots.

Which makes it 18 GB of traffic per month, between users and robots.

You can read more about this issue in the phpGrabComics web site: read more

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2007-02-16

New URL for the demo site

The phpGrabComics demo site, formerly included in my personal web site (, has now been moved to it's own, indipendent web address, at

An automatic redirection is in place.


Posted by Andres Baravalle 2006-11-20

New phpGrabComics release

phpGrabComics is now available for download. It's the first version since May 2005.

The new release is including updated modules - many of them were outdated - and a more user-friendly installation procedure.

Have fun!


Posted by Andres Baravalle 2006-11-02

New and updated modules

Hi everyone,
I have finished processing the patches sent in the past weeks (well - months in some cases).

They are now all live at

I'll check for other broken modules and I'll try to realese a new version of phpGrabComics as soon as possible.


Posted by Andres Baravalle 2006-10-27 DOWN again

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry but I still have load problems. phpGrabComics is down again today untill I can figure how to cope with the traffic, which is massive.


Posted by Andres Baravalle 2006-02-08

phpGrabComics is back!

After 11 days of breack, the phpGrabComics test server at is back again. This has been the longest pause in the service - but I'm afraid there were not many choices.

Enjoy your comics back!

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2006-02-07 DOWN

Hi everyone,
as many of you will have noticed, has been down in the past days. It is likely that it will be down in the next days too.

I hope I will be able to take it up at some time in the next days but I'm not sure yet on how to proceed.

What happened is that I had to migrate to a new provider. It is now hosted in a dedicated server, that I use for 10 domains.

The problem is that as soon as I take up, the *dedicated* server is overloaded by the incoming traffic. The server is including websites of my customers - which pay my costs - so I cannot afford to have up if it is taking down the websites of my customers.... read more

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2006-02-06

Broken comics update and support for IE

A group of comics that were broken have been updated.

Moreover, there is now support for Internet Explorer and other RSS clients that do not support the type of internal DTD that phpGrabComics is using.

More information on how to generate a RSS with an external DTD is available here:

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2005-12-02

One hundred more comics

Nearly one hundred more comics have been added by Greg in the past days, as patches. Today I had the time to review them and a new patch is available.

The patch updates the last beta of phpGrabComics and allows to have even more comics and more information in each comic.

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2005-05-26

phpGrabComics 1.5 nearly finalised

Much work has been done in the past months to produce the phpGrabComics 1.5 stable.

The stable version will be published after checking the last patches from Greg at

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2005-05-24

Updated documentation

phpGrabComics documentation has been out-of-date for much time, and it was not covering many of the features of the software.
The new phpGrabComics HOW-TO (for users of phpGrabComics) is available at
The new phpGrabComics guide for modules developers is available at

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2005-05-24

beta testing phpGrabComics 1.5

Beta release of phpGrabComics 1.5 is quite stable. If no bugs will be found in the next days, it will be moved to stable.

1.5 branch is including many minor changes, bug corrections and better support for XML syndication.

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2005-03-25

Modules updated

phpGrabComics modules have been update. While it is yet time for a new release, you can find the new modules files at

The modules are for use in the last beta release, but there is some compatibility with previous versions (not full compatibility).

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2005-01-24

Bad news: phpGrabComics server load

phpGrabComics is, at the present time, hosted in a shared server, and my provider has contacted me because the work load is not acceptable.

Basically, I will need more resources and specific for the phpGrabComics project. I still have to decide if to allocate those resources personally or to put the project in a stand by. In that case I will still develop phpGrabComics, but I will not publish the RSS files and web services any more. I have asked a quote to my provider, and I'm waiting for their answer.... read more

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2005-01-21

porting phpGrabComics to GNU/Linux and BSD distributions

In a few weeks a stable release of phpGrabComics will be hopefully released. I have seen, with pleasure, that there is a strong interest in the new RSS syndication features.

Syndication features are already used by hundreds of web sites.

The next step - after bug checking is at a reasonable point - is the inclusion of phpGrabComics in the mayor distributions: Fedora, Debian, Gentoo, Mandrake, FreeBSD. Help is appreciated.

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2005-01-20

New phpGrabComics beta

phpGrabComcis 1.5beta has been released today. New modules included. Use it and help finding bugs.

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2005-01-12

phpGrabComics for nuke

After a long while, a new version of phpGrabComics for nuke has been released. The main improvement of this version is that the comics are downloaded from the original web site, not from any cache site. Enjoy!

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2004-12-01

phpGrabComics and Thunderbird

You can now read your favourite comics using Thunderbird, day by day! No need of other software installed. See the how-to at

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2004-11-08

comics updated

Comics that were no more available have been removed from the main web site.
Corrected comics that were not updating, including Userfriendly, that was not working since June.
Added Prince Valiant, Mandrake and Flash Gordon.

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2004-10-07

pygrabcomics: downloads comics faster

pygrabcomics is the last developed phpgrabcomics port, optimised for speed. it connects to a phpGrabComics site, gets information of available comics, and then downloads and archives them.

pygrabcomics is written in python.

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2004-06-13

new desktop creator in phpGrabComics

phpGrabComics is now including a new desktop creator, available at

It allows to build a custom web page including your favourite comics and using a custom background, to be used as desktop background or default home page in the browser.

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2004-04-17

phpGrabComics for nuke 0.1

After the success of phpgrabcomics for desktop, a new port of phpgrabcomics has been developed.

phpGrabComcs for nuke is a web service that allows to grab comic strips from web sites and include them in phpnuke.

Actually it supports grabbing today's strip from several sites, like Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes and Snoopy.

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2003-09-01

phpGrabComics 1.2 release

As you can see looking at the main site, phpGrabComics development boosted in the last weeks, after several months of slow activity.
Next phpGrabComics major version will be lighter and simpler than previous, and will be ready in a few weeks. In the meanwhile you can test phpGrabComics 1.2 or phpGrabComics for desktop 1.2.

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2003-05-20

New Modules

Added modules for Andi Capp, Marmaduke, Heathcliff and Forattini.

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2001-11-19

New interface

phpGrabComics 0.1 is supporting multimodule actions: it means that you can manage in the same time multiple modules.
You can see it "live" at

Posted by Andres Baravalle 2001-11-09

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