#1115 Link to Statistics Charts from GEDCOM Statistics Block


The Statistics Charts are currently available (4.2) from "Charts" Menu. It may be nice( and I assume should be very easy) to have a link to statistics.php in the "GEDCOM Statistics" block that appears on the "Welcome page"


  • Anonymous - 2009-03-12

    Yes , pretty easy. I'm not able to post an update to svn, but a simple version is to add a line immediately before row 215, "$content .= "</table>";" in /blocks/gedcom_stats.php:

    $content .= "<tr><td class=\"facts_value\" colspan=\"3\"><a href=\"".encode_url('statistics.php').">Click here for more analysis on the Statistics Charts</a></td></tr>";

    To do the job properly also needs:
    1 - a language variable to replace that hard-coded text, so it can be translated.
    2 - a configuration option so it can be excluded if you want, as most other sections of the stats here can be.

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  • Łukasz Wileński

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