Empty string in English language file

  • Arne Eckmann

    Arne Eckmann - 2004-10-22

    Why is it that $pgv_lang["register_info_02"] is an empty string in the English Language File ?

    • John Finlay

      John Finlay - 2004-10-22

      I am not sure why the $pgv_lang["register_info_02"] is empty.  But it is referenced on the login_register.php page.

      Probably what happened is that it was used in the early stages of the login_register.php page and was then dropped or combined with $pgv_lang["register_info_01"]

      We might use it in the future for something else.  Many people have asked for additional information to be required from users on the account registration page.


      • Patrik Hansson

        Patrik Hansson - 2004-10-22

        As i remember the discussion about this was that there needed additional information in some language about the laws and so. So it was left blank to be used for additional info in those lang that needed it.


    • Arne Eckmann

      Arne Eckmann - 2004-10-22



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