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Problem with relationship...

  • tthdoc

    tthdoc - 2012-12-24

    I found a problem with relationships that I cannot figure out if it is a bug, or something I entered wrong.  Here is the scenario.  It starts with my ggg-grandfather.  If I do a relationship check between his daughter and me, it shows I am the ggg-grandson. If I do a relationship between his other daughter and a cousin, it shows that she is the gg-grandaughter.  If I do a relationship between me and my cousin, it shows no relationship between us (meaning does not spell it out).  I have taken each step up until my grandmother and her father.  It says they are 2nd cousins.  But if I choose my mother and her, again, no relationship (it should say 3rd cousins).  Is there anything in the records that may be messing this up, or is it a bug in the code?


  • tthdoc

    tthdoc - 2012-12-24

    I wish it would let you edit your post, but since I can't, here is something I just noticed.  If I uncheck "Check relationships by marriage" it shows we are related.  But if I check it, no path says we are related.  So I guess this means it is something in the code?


  • ggpauly

    ggpauly - 2012-12-24

    Please see this page (not affiliated with this site).

    You might be using the "Find next path" button.    Use the "View" button instead.

    happy festivus,


  • tthdoc

    tthdoc - 2012-12-24


    First I will thank you for responding and happy festivus to you as well.  That being said, I think if you have a problem with the way I stated a question, a direct reason as to what exactly you found wrong with it would be appropriate instead of linking it to a course on how to state a question. 

    As to the rest of the response,  when you choose the relationship chart, and you put the two ID's in, you only have the choice to select "View".  It is only after the chart is produced to you have the choice to select "Find next path".  And it doing so, none of the paths show a relationship.  But unchecking the by marriage box and then selecting "View" again, it now shows the proper relationship.  If you then select "Find next path", it shows no other paths and says "check relationships by marriage" and the checkbox has a red highlight around it.  And this is the latest version, 4.3.0 SVN.

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2012-12-24

    Its a longtime, known bug and one that can not be fixed without a complete rewrite of the action, and that simply is not going to happen (at least any time soon). It is not the first priority if a new developer arrived to renew this project.

  • tthdoc

    tthdoc - 2012-12-25


    Out of habit clicked on reply to the email received instead of posting in the forum, so I will post it here again:

    At least I know it is a bug and nothing in my data.  And for future if a check comes up with no relationship, I know to uncheck the include marriage relationships and check it again.

    Have a happy holiday


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