still being developed

  • Anonymous - 2010-08-07

    Is this still being developed?

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2010-08-07

    The short reply is Yes - and there is extensive discussion already on this site's forums relative to this question.

    A longer answer is that few PGV-experienced developers remain, and those that do are either on Holiday or are actively participating in other activities, including John Finlay, the originator of the base code.

    Additionally, the code as currently released is quite stable and, while a few tweaks would be 'nice', nothing is so pressing that we can't all breathe a bit and wait for a couple of new programmers to join the project and take up the gauntlet. Several of the older, active and proficient developers actually still respond to help issues and have suggested some code changes to fix a couple of nasty bugs.

    So back to your original question - yes.

    As a point of interest, a spinoff project, supported by a small, but highly devoted group of very active developers, which is tuned to more specific system requirements and extremely innovative in its approach, with slightly different objectives in display techniques, GUI management, module configuration and flexibility,  will release on 26 AUG 2010. There will be some major publicity about this project at the time version 1 of this project is released.

  • Paul Blair

    Paul Blair - 2010-08-09

    The new project can be found at


  • Thierry

    Thierry - 2010-08-30

    Hi, I had a look on WebTree. Seems quite similar to PGV.
    What are the main differences ?


    PS : Thanks to all PGV developpers for this wonderfull work !

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2010-08-30

    First, its webtrees, all lower case.
    Second, from an etiquette standard, it is inappropriate for participants in the program to discuss that project on this forum.  webtrees has its own forum, a fully-modifiable online demo needing no installation, and its own WIKI.
    I would recommend you browse that project and, if necessary, after reviewing the forum, ask there.

  • Thierry

    Thierry - 2010-09-02

    You are totaly right. I was too fast asking. Sorry.
    And in fact, after the look I had,  I still feel happy with PGV.


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