#2897 Wrong step-mother relation


Hai, first of all: I am a newbe, and haven't read all of this stuf here. I look for my problem, but haven't found it yet. So ..sorry if ..

I think I have 2 bugs:
1: I was married once to woman A, and we had 1 daughter (D1)
I divorced her and remarried to woman B and we had 2 daughters (D2 and D3)
My second wife (D2) adopted daughter 1 (D1) from my first marriage (= step parent adoption)
To enter this fact, I added the adoption to my daughter (D1). Now she has 2 mothers (is OK)
But suddenly my other 2 daughters (D2 & D3) have my first wife A as a step mother. And that is wrong. the have no relation at all.
My previous marriage should not be shown as relation of daugthers (D2 & D3)
Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong???

2: On the top of each page there is a little searchbox. If I type my name in it. I will not be found with the individuals, but I am found in the families. That is so for a lot of people.
First I thought it was because of the long (katholic) names. I am called A B C Zwaga and my nick name is Leo. If I search for my full name I still won't be found in the individuals. In the families yes. But my grandfather had a simple name (Jan Zwaga). And he won't be found.
I am not talking about the advanced search. Just about the little box on the top of the page. If you want to look : stamboom.familiezwaga.nl

Thank you for any help


  • Gerry Kroll
    Gerry Kroll

    You should have posted these questions in the Help forum. They should have been posted separately, since they're two distinct subjects and they're not necessarily bugs.

    When you re-post in the Help forum, please indicate which version of PhpGedView you are using. We normally recommend that you use the "SVN" version, which is also called 4.3.0 .

  • Zwaga

    @ canajun2eh: I can only find v4.2.4 It's called the latest version.
    I reposted the 2 questions on the help pages.
    But I think they are bugs.