#2893 Translations of phpgedview.net outdated (7 years!)


I don't know who is in charge for the project website phpgedview.net, but the German translation (where German visitors get redirected automaticly if they open http://www.phpgedview.net\) is now 7 years out of date and had broken links in the past, some people think this project is dead (which is a shame). We should really do something about this. If you want I can look into it and make it a little more up to date (though I'd have to estimate the amount of work vs. my free time first) otherwise I'd like to see a big fat red header that reads: "Diese Seite ist veraltet und dient nur noch zu Referenzzwecken, bitte klicken Sie auf die amerikanische Flagge um die aktuelle Seite (auf englisch) zu besuchen" (which translates to: "This site is out of date and only serves as a reference, please click on the american flag to see the current site (in english)).

I'd like to help :-)


  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2012-06-06

    Send an e-mail to John Findlay (yalnifj) and ask for access to the phpgedview.net site for the purpose you have stated. John will be able to tell you how to proceed.

    Don't expect an instantaneous response. John is quite busy on other projects, including his family life, and isn't really involved in PGV any more.

    I think it would actually better if all non-english pages were removed.

  • Mirrakor

    Mirrakor - 2012-06-06

    Ok, I'll try to contact him. Actually I think it would be pretty sorry if all the existing translations (DE and FR) would be dropped (most parts are probably still valid). After all Phpgedview comes in a large set of numbers for the php scripts, so why not welcome the user in his native language. Maybe we could update the mechanism so that we have large parts of static translatable content and only a few dynamic things that are put together in one place (like latest version etc.).

    I'll ask John and report back

  • Mirrakor

    Mirrakor - 2012-06-06
    • status: open --> pending

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