#2607 Forever loading image with Apple Safari


On phpGedView for Linux (Apache2 + PHP5.2), some blocks display a forever loading image on Apple Safari (Version 3.2.3 (5525.28.3)).
This work correctly (the loading image is replaced by the block content) on Firefox 3.0.10.
It looks like a problem in the Javascript command that display the loading image.


  • Greg Roach

    Greg Roach - 2009-05-31

    Does safari have a "javascript error log" ?

    If so, does it show any errors?

  • Anonymous - 2009-06-01

    I have a similar problem on some pages in FF 3.0.10. I often need to stop the page loading and refresh, whcih clears the issue. Not a problem on any other browse though (don't know about Safari). Error log says:
    Error: element.dispatchEvent is not a function
    Source File: http://www.our-families.info/js/conio/prototype.js
    Line: 4071

  • Łukasz Wileński

    I have reports from polish PGV users, which use Opera browser, that using jquery version 1.3.2 causing forever loading bugs. Especially when using random media block. They downgrade jquery to version 1.3.1. This version doesn't cause this problem.

    However when I use Opera browser I don't see the problem.

  • Mopkop

    Mopkop - 2009-06-21

    I have the same problem, using Safari Version 4.0 (4530.17) on Apple Mac OS X 10.4.11 and PGV 4.2.1. When logged on, none of the blocks load. When visiting some but not all blocks load. Safari error console displays:
    Error: NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR: DOM Exception 9
    index.php:456TypeError: Result of expression '$('#block_main_0').load' [undefined] is not a function.

    The last line is repeated for every block.


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