Andrzej Kmicic - 2010-02-09

The new version is available for download. For both versions of the ANSI and UNICODE.

Next version 1.01 plug-in News:

Addition - realisation of my old idea-Torrent. Displaying hints contextual found invisible pair of braces {}.
New Categories to scripts for sorting and replaces with preg regular expressions
Unique script for editing simultaneously in multiple selection.

Short help for this script : Edit multiple.

Notepad++/Scintilla editor supplied with multiple editing. But it is not easy, multiple selection. You must hold down the CTRL key and handy select sequentially certain words. This script allows you to select words throughout the document automatically.
How to do the step by step:

1. Choose from Multiple Script Repository Script Editing.

2. Select a specific word in the document that you want to change the whole document at once.

3. Press the Run Script

4. Start typing a new word, you change all the words in the document at the same time.

A great tool for developers to change the variable names throughout the code.

(AK) Wojtek Jarzecki