how to remove files on the server?

Herve S.
  • Herve S.

    Herve S. - 2006-10-23

    I welcome this project as one of the cleanest GUI I've ever seen. This would be perfect for non-programming end-users.
    Two quick questions:
    - there seem to be an "action" column on the entry page, is this supposed to be used for actions other than opening the files? How can one delete a file, for instance?
    - are you looking for translators? I could provide a french translation if useful (podriamos mismo discutir en espanol, con vocabulario basico para mi!)

    Hervé Sainct
    fh.sainct  @@

    • Diego Guevara

      Diego Guevara - 2007-03-08

      Hi, I'm happy that you like this project.
      I'm actually thinking in start working again on the project, and give it more options. Initially include the "delete" action. I like your idea for translate the application. do you talk french ?

      do you have more ideas for this application??


      pd. sorry for the delay.

      • Herve S.

        Herve S. - 2007-03-09

        - I am french

        - I think your product is realy important now, at this point in time, in this "web 2.0" context where people start understanding they could as well manage their own data on their webservers, and your interface is very clean. I have issues with beginners all the time and I see really the importance of a clean interface.


        P. S. I am using for now SFM "Standalone Files Manager", on Sourceforge at

    • Diego Guevara

      Diego Guevara - 2007-03-12

      Release 1.5 is now ready, I got your advice and I put in this release the multi language support, and template support, additional delete files and folders, and folder creation.

      please, try this release and give me your feedback.

      I'm working on documentation...



    • waseem

      waseem - 2007-06-08

      hi gusy,
      really nice work but there is no documents to use it and i upload it and just main page is working other then here is my site so can you have look at this and do you have your own forum or web site? if you dont i can offer you a web space from my site where you can have forum and web space.
      i really like your php script but it need some more work to be done,

      like there need for admin page to manage every thing,
      then user name and passwords to keep user's file seperate.
      then i can not find way to change language.
      lots of other things need to be don if you dont mind i think i m getting to much anoyed.
      well really nice work but some help would be lot more then help.


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