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phpFFL 1.71 Released

Updates Schedule & Players for the 2013 season.

Posted by Jason Goetz 2013-08-21

phpFFL 1.70 Released


Updates Schedules and Players table for the 2010 season.

Posted by Jason Goetz 2010-08-20

phpFFL 1.60 Released

phpFFL 1.60 Notes

Fixes & Updates

- Updated all ajax functionality from phplivex to jquery.
- Added various jquery functionality. Mainly on team pages
- Added jquery/css table striping on team pages.
- Updated view player details to use jquery thickbox
- Added ability to set starting lineup for future weeks
- Added ability to view prior/future starting lineups from My Team page
- Fixed various bugs in Live Draft Module
- Updated Basic Draft Module timer to use settings from admin. If you set round times in Admin these will be automatically pulled into Basic Draft Module time and timer is auto-started.
- Fixed bugs with Basic Draft Module timer
- Fixed Navigation in Private Messages
- Fixed bug on clicking opponents team name from MyTeam page
- Fixed Lineup Locking issue

Posted by Jason Goetz 2009-08-14

phpFFL 1.50 Released

Fixes & Updates

- Upgraded Schedules Templates and Schedules interface. Added some javascript that updates the if you set team 1 to play team 2 automatically updates to playing Team 1. MUCH easier to admin.

- Fixed schedule bug with multiple games per week.

- Modified the PM's section to show you the To/From for each PM..and it also will show you PM's in your Inbox that are to your co-owner..and you can also see sent PM's in our sent messages that were sent by your co-owner. If your league only has one owner per team you won't notice anything different. ... read more

Posted by Jason Goetz 2008-07-31

phpFFL 1.29 Released

phpFFL 1.29 Notes

Fixes & Updates

- Fixed issues from 1.28. There was a minor bug in each of the files.

Posted by Jason Goetz 2007-11-05

phpFFL 1.28 Released

phpFFL 1.28 Notes

Run Update:
MAKE SURE YOU RUN THIS UPDATE SCRIPT. All upgrades should run this upgrade script. It needs to be run to add a record to the config_global table.
Just upload it to the root of your phpFFL installation and run it once through your browser.

NOTE: If you are upgrading from a version prior to 1.20 please see notes for 1.20 upgrade.

Fixes & Updates... read more

Posted by Jason Goetz 2007-11-01

phpFFL 1.27 Released

phpFFL 1.27 Released
Download from

Just a minor update to fix the issue with Team Off & Team Def not being properly removed from current & future lineups when waived. There are only 2 changed files so you can just replace those and run the update script.

Changed Files:

Run Update:
All upgrades should run this upgrade script. Just upload it to the root of your
phpFFL installation and run it once through your browser.... read more

Posted by Jason Goetz 2007-09-29

phpFFL 1.26 Released

If you are upgrading from 1.25
Just replace program_files/common.php with the version from this download and you should be good.

If you are upgrading from a version before 1.25
You can use this version for all your files, but please see the notes from 1.25 as well.

Changed Files:

Fixes & Updates

- Fixed a bug that would not allow your automated script to run. Some of the changed include() paths in common.php were incorrect.

Posted by Jason Goetz 2007-09-16

phpFFL 1.25 Released - Required Upgrade

phpFFL 1.25 Notes

Fixes & Updates

- Fixed major security issue. You MUST upgrade the files changed in this version or the security of your install and you server will be at risk. If you have made any mods and aren't sure how to merge them with your changed files post in the mods forum at The changes made to these files only involve the include() and require() which are generally at the top of the files, so they should be easy to merge.

Posted by Jason Goetz 2007-09-15

phpFFL 1.24 Released

phpFFL 1.24 Notes

Changed Files:
program_files\statistics\functions\teams_functions.php... read more

Posted by Jason Goetz 2007-09-13

phpFFL 1.23 Released

phpFFL 1.23 Notes

Changed Files:

Run Update:
All upgrades should run this upgrade script. Just upload it to the root of your
phpFFL installation and run it once through your browser. ... read more

Posted by Jason Goetz 2007-09-04

phpFFL 1.21 Released

Fixes & Updates

- Added additon gd check to captcha

- Live Draft Module
* Updated it so everyone is notified in the Chat window when a pick is undone.

- Basic Draft Module
* Added AJAX functionality so it doesn't have to use a meta (Browser) refresh to reload the data. It will automatically reload the draft data every 20 seconds. (This is only on a user view because it's unnecessary on admin view)... read more

Posted by Jason Goetz 2007-08-08

phpFFL 1.20 Released

Fixes & Updates
- Draft Module Updates
* Added an admin panel that allows admins to Undo Picks, Exclude Players, AutoDraft Players for teams.
* Added a drop down menu that allows users to set their status to "Away". If set to away their picks will be Autodrafted.

- Added Ajax functionality to Live Scoring page so it doesn't need to force a browser refresh. The information will automatically refresh in the page every minute without the browser having to refresh. ... read more

Posted by Jason Goetz 2007-07-29

phpFFL 1.09 Released

phpFFL 1.09 Notes

Fixes & Updates

- Added an automated file to update the nfl schedule. This will update game times & dates for when games are moved due to the new flex-schedule.


You can also pass an option parameter Week. Week will default to the current week though, so if you setup a job to run this script on Tuesday or Wednesday of every week it will update the schedule for the current week automatically without passing the week. ... read more

Posted by Jason Goetz 2006-11-10

phpFFL 1.08 Released

Fixes & Updates

- Fixed issue with setting stats Override for a player not updating to Yes.

- Updated admin submission of starting lineups so that your lineup is set for all future weeks when an admin submits your lineup.

- Added in Trade Pending text in top right if there is a trade pending your approval.

Posted by Jason Goetz 2006-09-21

phpFFL 1.06 Released

Fixes & Updates

- Added/Moved code in autorun that will fix bugs with path's when running from command line

- When a trade is rejected because it would put either team over their roster limit for a position. Display edit trade screen so they can modify the trade.

- Added None to Waive and Request for waiver wire. Requests with none require admin approval and will not be automatically approved, even if your league has waivers set to auto approve. This is because without total max roster requirements a team could pick up as many players as they wanted.... read more

Posted by Jason Goetz 2006-09-07

phpFFL 1.04 Released

Fixes & Updates

- Players & Statistics Scripts: Added code that should fix some issues with running from command line and added output for both scripts.

- Fixed autodraft bug that was causing issues when max roster requirements were set.

- Invite Feature: Only for Admins right now. Admins can invite users to their league by going to Admin -> Leagues and clicking Invite.

- On Team Page moved Team Image below Team Name & Owners Name... read more

Posted by Jason Goetz 2006-08-31

phpFFL 1.03 Released

phpFFL 1.03 Notes

Fixes & Updates

- Fixed an issue with Team Defense & Team Offense not working when moved up and down in player ranking.

- Fixed issue with preseason stats importing automatically

- Fixed issue with chat when magic quotes (php) was on

- Added owner names to Team Page

Posted by Jason Goetz 2006-08-29

phpFFL 1.01 Released

A few minor changes and bug fixes are included in this release of phpFFL.

There will probably be one or two more releases before the season starts. See Notes.txt to see which files were changed.

Posted by Jason Goetz 2006-08-17

phpFFL 1.0 Released

phpFFL 1.0 has been released for the 2006 FFL season.

Posted by Jason Goetz 2006-08-13

phpffl 2006 Release

phpffl is scheduled to release a new version for the 2006 season on August 13th. Please check the message board at <a href=""></a> for more details.

Posted by Jason Goetz 2006-08-04

phpFFL Beta 0.903 Released

0.903 Change Log

Updated: program_files/autorun/myffl/functions/statistics_functions.php
Updated: template/footer.php

Only updated these two files. Only thing changed in this release is a bug in the stats update that was causing Special Teams TD's not to be recorded for Team Defense. This bug was introduced in 0.9029.

Posted by Jason Goetz 2005-11-14

phpffl 0.9029 Released

phpFFL Beta 0.9029

For upgrading from 0.9028 you only need to update 2 files.Changed one line of code that changed the statistics value to 0 instead of removing it so the corresponding fantasy values would be updated correctly.

For upgrading from 0.9027 see the 0.9028 Change Log.

Posted by Jason Goetz 2005-11-08

phpffl 0.9028 Released

phpFFL Beta 0.9028

0.9028 Change Log

- Added login log that stores the date/time and IP for each user login. Admininsrators can view this data by going to Admin -> Users -> View User and then clicking on "View Log" in the Last Login row.

- Fixed bug that caused statistics not to be removed when plays were reversed and that statistics category no longer existed in the stats feed.

- Fixed bug that caused players to be removed from starting lineups when they should not be. This happened when starting lineups were still being entered for the current week and a players game had already kicked off. This bug was causing players to be removed from the current weeks lineup even though their game had already kicked off. This affected Thursday/Saturday games or leagues where teams are allowed to change their lineup up to kickoff of each game.

Posted by Jason Goetz 2005-11-05

phpffl 0.9027 Released

0.9027 Change Log

Only a few minor features and bug fixes in this version. However, as with the previous release it is recommended that you upload all of the phpffl webfiles. As always, you can delete config.php, program_files/adodb and program_files/FCKeditor before uploading.

New Features in this version:

Added a comments text area in Waiver Wire so users can send comments with waiver requests. ... read more

Posted by Jason Goetz 2005-09-29

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