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phpCVSView Version 0.3 Released

Well it has been almost a year since the last release by our project, and that make me feel a little embarrassed that we have taken this long to produce the current enhancements.

Please download and upgrade you installations as there are many enhancements available in the new version.

These enhancements are detailed in the change log for this version which is available at read more

Posted by Brian Cheeseman 2005-11-27

phpCVSView Version 0.2 Released

Well, after much re-coding of the core operations on the project, and a great deal of assistance from Sijis, I am proud to announce the release of Version 0.2 of phpCVSView.

This new version has been completely re-architected to get away from the many limitations earlier releases had with the actual CVS protocol. We have also added infrastructure to the code to allow for theming, although at this stage the user interface does not support the changing of theme. Basic CVS module support has been added, and like the other additions to the codebase, they will be enhanced as the project continues.... read more

Posted by Brian Cheeseman 2004-12-22

Coding progressing well.

Coding is progressing extremely well with the phpCVSView project, and as a result a first alpha release should be available for download within a week.

The current release will provide the following features:

* PServer access to the repository
* Directory (and module) browsing
* File revision log viewing
* Viewing of any revision of a file
* Downloading of any revision of a file
* Editable page header
* Editable page footer... read more

Posted by Brian Cheeseman 2003-04-06