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Generate UML Sequence Diagrams for Your PHP Code

It's been a while since the last release of phpCallGraph and in the meantime a couple of new developers joined to the project. Thus, version 0.8.0 introduces several new features and improvements.

Most notably, Martin Cleaver added the ability to generate rudimentary per-method call graphs in the style of UML sequence diagrams. The new UmlGraphSequenceDiagramDriver outputs scripts readable by UMLGraph (, which are then used to generate images with pic2plot of the GNU plotutils package. These images represent the calls made by a particular method.... read more

Posted by Falko 2009-08-06

phpCallGraph 0.7.0-pl1 released

phpCallGraph 0.7.0-pl1 has been released. It is a bugfix release, which addresses an issue with the start script for Windows. On UNIX systems an upgrade is not necessary. All Windows users are encouraged to upgrade to the new version, which can be downloaded at

Thanks to Modesto, Markus and Sameer for reporting this issue.

Posted by Falko 2009-02-04

phpCallGraph 0.7.0 released

Version 0.7.0 of phpCallGraph has been released. Most importantly, it fixes a severe bug, which prevented correct recursion into sub-directories. Furthermore, it features support for autoloading, a debug option for finding analysis problems, as well as new colors and fonts for better readability.

The sandbox of the InstantSVC CodeAnalyzer has also been greatly improved by introducing white-list-based function call filtering. This allows for performing source code analyses using reflection without the danger of accidentally executing code in the global scope.... read more

Posted by Falko 2008-11-15

PHPCallGraph v0.6.4 released

While PHPCallGraph was initially developed for object-oriented code, this release adds the ability to analyze user-defined functions.

Also code in the global scope (outside any functions or methods) can now be analyzed with the help of a little workaround: Such code can be manually wrapped in a dummy function called dummyFunctionForFile_filename_php() which will then be recognized by PHPCallGraph.... read more

Posted by Falko 2008-01-02

PHPCallGraph v0.6.3 released

Version 0.6.3 of PHPCallGraph contains several small improvements which make it easier to run PHPCallGraph under Windows and Unix. If you were already able to use PHPCallGraph, there is no need to update since the functionality has not been changed.

Posted by Falko 2007-10-11

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