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phpBBHeb3 is being translated these days and we expect to have the Hebrew version released just a few days after the final release of Olympus.

Stay tuned for updates.

Posted by Dawn 2007-06-07

The phpBBHeb 1.0.3 released!!!

The new version of phpBBHeb released that based on the phpBB 2.0.5.
Its probably the last one in the 1.x.x series.
But its not the end of the project of course.
The next our release will be probably 2.0.0 that based on the phpBB 2.2.x/2.1.x (I still didnt understand it, LOL).

See You Guys,

Posted by Izikd 2003-06-19

Version 1.0.1 is OUT !!!

download it, an inform us aobut bugs, new requests and more.

Posted by Elior 2002-12-01

First Publish Beta is OUT!!!

v1.0.0 b1!!!!!

Posted by itay meir 2002-07-16

The Project Started

i'll think that in less the a week we will publish the first lang' files, but only as a beta and after 3 weeks max' we will publish all :)
your's, DudeOnNet and Red parrot

Posted by itay meir 2002-06-03