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Version 0.8 Released early to fix ie bugs

phpBandManager 0.8 has been released a couple of days early as development didnt take as long as planned and some important bug fixes have been included as well. The changes are summarised below:

--Version 0.8--
-Fixed issues with most pages related to Internet Explorer.
-All Star icons in ToDo Lists now Display properly(fixed a link related typo).
-Several other small errors and annoyances... read more

Posted by themightypeter 2006-12-27

Internet explorer Bug and release info

Users of internet explorer may be having issues with the current unstable releases. These issues will be fixed in the next release due this Friday.

Also in the next release:

-The todo section has been improved
-The message board is now fully functional
-Strange issues related to internet explorer have been resolved.
-Issues displaying the 'star' icons when adding or updating Tasks in the ToDo section have also now been fixed.... read more

Posted by themightypeter 2006-12-27

Important Bug fix released - 0.7.2

Version - 0.7.2 has just been released to fix two important bugs related to the install script.

If you had problems installing phpBandManager before, try again now and it will hopefully work now.

Posted by themightypeter 2006-12-25

First Public Release now available

I have released the first Alpha single User version of the software just in time for christmas.

I want to know exactly what happens on other servers as I have done all the testing available at the moment.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have to help me improve what is already there as I continue to add the features that are still in the pipeline.


Posted by themightypeter 2006-12-24

The Stubbs Music

A little irrelevent to the project itself but checkout and as this is the band that started the spark for this project.


Posted by themightypeter 2006-12-23

Here we go!

After several months of work planning and testing, the project is now ready to go ahead. This means that there will be much faster development of the project and we will have a useable interface VERY SOON.

Posted by themightypeter 2006-12-23