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php2press / News: Recent posts

Initiate Phase 0.2!

We have devised a general outline of how the project will be assembled, which can be viewed on our project web site. This was Phase 0.1, and possibly the easiest phase of the entire project. Now we are beginning Phase 0.2, which is defining the data structures and functional interfaces that the various modules will use to communicate with the core, and that the core will use to coordinate information between the modules. Having reduced everything to a handful of module types, we will have a much easier time devising these interface definitions.... read more

Posted by Sendo Shin 2009-06-11

Startup Woes

The php2press project has been around for several years now. And yet, we have no work to show for it. No releases. Not even much on how the project is set up. This is hardly a good sign that the project is going to survive.

On the other hand, we have gotten a firm grasp on what we're aiming to create, and it's very different from what we were thinking way back in September 2004. What started as yet another CMS has evolved - in concept - into a web-based desktop publishing suite (though with the ability to function as a CMS on the side). Emphasis has been placed on modularity more than in many other projects. The project itself has no functionality without multiple modules, so we're creating a few of those, too. As we get things up and in place, other developers will be encouraged to develop their own modules to extend the system in ways we can barely imagine. php2press strives to be a powerful system.... read more

Posted by Sendo Shin 2009-03-29