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Broken archive

Archive for 0.7.7 version was zero-lenght, sorry. Fixed.

Posted by astellar 2006-02-09

php-crawler 0.7.7 alpha released

php-cralwler is a small and very simple fulltext crawl/search script for small and middle websites. Written on PHP it requires no shell access and can be run directly from browser.

New 0.7.7 version includes seral improvement and bug fixes:
- crawler now print page size.
- HTML comments removal added.
- URL locator fixed. Now matches URLs with spaces (href = "http//...")

Posted by astellar 2006-02-07

php-crawler 0.7.6-alpha released, need feedback

php-crawler 0.7.6-alpha released, several non-critical bugs were fixed.
I need your feedback on this project. If you have any positive or negative thoughts about php-crawler, please feel free to contact me via project forum or directly.
Thanks, Vladimir

Posted by astellar 2006-01-26

Okay, here we go.

Alpha version has been released.
Possible there are lots of bugs here, but I have successfully launch this search on my websites.

Posted by astellar 2006-01-09