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More Developers Needed

I am Going to Restart this project and I need someone to help me.

Posted by Soroosh 2005-04-21


The development of Quicknamer has stopped. If there are anyone who would like to continue my work I would be happy to give them authorities in Sourceforge.

Posted by david swe 2004-08-30


I need some feedback about QuickNamer.
What functions would you like?
What type of design(WinXP or Winamp for example).
Write it down and mail me.

Posted by david swe 2003-10-09


The downloads are growing steady as it should.
Today (03/09/2003) we had more than 125 unique visitors.
More and more seems to be tired of their messy MP3 directory...

Posted by david swe 2003-09-03


MusicBrainz was down for some time, the reason is not known at this time.
Whatever it was it have been fixed and QuickNamer is back and working.

Posted by david swe 2003-08-31

4 Cows

Quicknamer got 4 cows in
I really don't understand a word of the site though... :)
If anyone could translate it give us a call.

Posted by david swe 2003-08-29

FreewareFiles Award!

QuickNamer got the Editors Pick Award!
I would like to thank my mom, dad and friends who made this possible...
Enough of this.
I'm thinking about making QuickNamer skinable, like WinAmp, so watch out for the new release.

Posted by david swe 2003-08-25

New Version!!

Version 1.3 contains the following updates:
Now you can edit your files manually.
Windows XP theme support.
Bass not found bug probably fixed (not sure though, I don't have Win98).
Now got How To website with the program.
New installer look.

Posted by david swe 2003-08-20

Found bug

Found yet a bug in my program when running on Win 98 (not XP).
I'm going to squash it, watch out for the new release!

Posted by david swe 2003-08-18

Back from vacation

I've been on a summer vacation for 10 days now.
Expecting a new release soon....

Posted by david swe 2003-08-12

Version 1.2 Out Now!

More error messages showing.
Now the Can't find trm bug is fixed.
Fixed so that you can't click in advance causing the program to change name
before it retrived info (witch in theory could make the program take other mp3s info and save that).
The most accurate info is showing first.
The standard filename is now: Artist - [Album #TrackNr] Song
Removed the FileInfoLookup function for now, will be added again later.
Now parses the XML info using a MS XML Parser.

Posted by david swe 2003-07-31


Some may wonder why there haven't been a new version the past week.
It's because QuickNamer is going to major changes, among the news will be support for the MS parser, the Microsoft parser isn't very stable when it comes to not to strict RDF, sadly and therefore I must make sure MB doesn't send anything funny in return.
The reason I don't use a "homemade" parser is that I don't want QuickNamer to stop working as soon as MB does any minor changes.

Posted by david swe 2003-07-25

The bug

The bug is because it searches for trm and not trm.dll.
To fix this change the name on trm.dll to trm.
This will of course be fixed as soon as possible.

Posted by david swe 2003-07-18

Bug in QuickNamer

I noticed a bug in quicknamer where it says that it can't find the trm.dll.
This doesn't apply on WinXP but on Win2000.

Posted by david swe 2003-07-18

MusicBrainz Online

MusicBrainz is now online again.

Posted by david swe 2003-07-16

MusicBrainz soon online

Received this from the mb developers mail list:
Register.com seized the mb.org domain due to overzealous fraud
protection crap and DNS for mb.org started failing this morning. :-(

The issue has been resolved (barely) and DNS should start working again
-- I hope.

If for some reason you cannot reach the server, use this URL in the
meantime until DNS comes back up:

Sorry for the hassle, folks. Oh, and don't use Register.com -- they
-- ... read more

Posted by david swe 2003-07-14


MusicBrainz is offline, I'll get back to you when I find out the reason and duration.

Posted by david swe 2003-07-14

Homepage update

Now you can view news directly at the homepage.
The menu now uses imagemaps instead of using many pictures.
The page is HTML 4.01 compatible, and has been tested with Opera and IE.

Posted by david swe 2003-07-14

Version 1.1 is out.

Wont mixture diffrent files up like before.
The source is now more clarified.
You know see what's actually happpening....
Offline Fingerprint Accuracy and Speed Improved
QuickNamer now saves your preferences
The Installer has been updated.
And some other small things...

Posted by david swe 2003-07-11

HomePage gone Light

QuickNamers homepage has been stripped of huge images and is now more modem friendly.......
New design to, take a look!

Posted by david swe 2003-07-11

Version 1 Out Now!

Version 1 is out now!
The changes are:
Fixed MAJOR BUG where the tags didn't save at all..
Got the Offline Editor up and running.
Now you can both right and left click for saving and skipping the file.
Added more hints.
Now you can chose how to rename the files.
New Icon
More echocloud results, and less connections.

Posted by david swe 2003-07-08

New Version!

No new features, only bug fixes.
Will soon get a new interface!

Posted by david swe 2003-06-27

CVS Updated

The CVS has been updated

Posted by david swe 2003-06-24

New version released!

For those of you that didn't get it...=P

Posted by david swe 2003-06-24

New Version Means New Features!

Now supports EchoCloud witch searches for similar artists and for dropping more than one file!
Also added auto rename!
And finally added so that it creates your own personal TRM-Id Database, for faster reaccess...

Posted by david swe 2003-06-24

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