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next version

the next version is on its way, heres what it includes so far:

multiple users
user administration (minimal)

i also might be adding karma where you vote on the quality of the post.

the idea is to add features to phlog-lite and eventually it will grow into phlog, doing it this way i can have working versions of it available and get feedback on them.

Posted by Josh Mullenite 2002-08-18


first release :)

Posted by Josh Mullenite 2002-08-15

Coming Along

the code is coming along, slowly, im going to see if a friend of mine would like to work on it with me. Ive decided there will be two versions, a 'lite' version which will consist of one or two PHP files configured manually (as in requiring slight PHP knowledge) which is about 90% done. The full version is getting done more slowly as i want to make the release as stable as i can.

Posted by Josh Mullenite 2002-08-14