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Phlickr / News: Recent posts

Need a new maintainer

I haven't been using this code for a while and haven't been giving it the attention it deserves. If you'd like to take over as the maintainer please let me know:


Posted by andrew morton 2008-06-13

New book: Building Flickr Applications with PHP

Apress has published Building Flickr Applications with PHP

Building Flickr Applications with PHP teaches you how to use today’s most popular online photo management system. You’ll learn to work with both your own photos and Flickr’s enormous cache, and create new and compelling extensions to the Flickr platform. This book is a great pick because

* It’s written by experienced developer Rob Kunkle and Phlickr developer Andrew Morton.
* You’ll learn how to use the PHP API Phlickr to write and retrieve photos.
* Flicker is growing quickly in popularity in the online photo management world.... read more

Posted by andrew morton 2006-09-13

New Flickr Auth Spec Released

Flickr released their new authorization specification today:

I'm still thinking about how I'll implement it in Phlickr but I'll try to get started on it soon.

Posted by andrew morton 2005-07-14

Phlickr 0.2.1 Released

I've put up a new Phlickr release. I'm trying to fork all the modifier methods into Authed* classes. It breaks a little compatibility but it make the classes simpler and easier to test. I recommend taking a look at the release notes.

Posted by andrew morton 2005-06-19

Upgrade to the 0.1.9 release

In response to an exploit, Flickr now requires that all settter methods be POSTed. The new 0.1.9 release fixes several bugs related to this change. I'm recommending that all uses upgrade to the this release.

Posted by andrew morton 2005-05-26