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P-GRADE Portal 2.9.1 released

SZTAKI is happy to announce a bugfix release of P-GRADE Portal, version 2.9.1

Bug fixes:

  1. GT-2 execution wasn't working properly. This has been fixed in 2.9.1.

  2. Stability of the web interface has been improved. In some cases portlets have thrown an exception even in case of normal operation.

  3. Compiler portlet failed to download the compiled files property. This has been fixed in 2.9.1.

  4. Some functions of the File Management portlet didn't work as expected. This has been fixed in this release.

  5. A Collector job input port problem resulting in empty input data set has been fixed.

  6. The DSpace Repositry portlet was unable to use SZTAKI's DSpace installation from outside SZTAKI. This has been fixed in this release.

  7. A problem of the Certificates portlet resulting in periodic appearance of invalid certificates has been fixed.

Posted by Zoltán Farkas 2010-03-16

P-GRADE Portal 2.9 released

SZTAKI is happy to announce the next release of P-GRADE Portal, version 2.9.1.

New features:

  1. PBS support. P-GRADE Portal now supports submitting jobs to a local PBS (Portable Batch System) cluster. With this feature, users can exploit their local dedicated cluster resources for faster job execution.

  2. LSF support. With the support of LSF (Load Sharing Facility) clusters,
    users can run jobs on their local dedicated cluster resources to achieve
    faster job executions.

  3. EDGeS 3G Bridge support. This release of P-GRADE portal includes basic support for submitting jobs to EDGeS 3G Bridge resources. By using this feature, users of P-GRADE portal are allowed to run jobs on grids supported by 3G Bridge: BOINC, XtremWeb, OurGrid, Cloud, and BES-compatible resources.

  4. Local PS port support. The introduction of new grid types (LSF, PBS and 3G Bridge) and the lack of remote file support in these grids would hinder users to run parameter study workflows on these grids. With the new local PS port support, these new grids can also be used to create parameter study workflows, as files belonging to local PS ports are stored on the P-GRADE Portal machine.

  5. NorduGrid support. The already existing basic implementation of NorduGrid (ARC) support has been extended to allow the execution of both normal and parameter study workflows on NorduGrid resources.... read more

Posted by Zoltán Farkas 2010-03-16

Usgime portal 1.0 released

SZTAKI is happy to announce that the first version of the User/application specific grid infrastructure monitoring extension of P-GRADE Portal (USGIME) has been released. This extension can be used by the users of SEE-GRID EGEE VO to test the availability of the SEE-GRID Infrastructure with own certificate of them.
Would you be interested in using USGIME in other EGEE VOs, please contact us for support on how to achieve this.

Posted by Zoltán Farkas 2009-09-16

Upcoming features video

For a short presentation about some upcoming features and additional developments check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjuehxAubf0

Posted by Zoltán Farkas 2009-09-15

P-GRADE Grid Portal 2.8 has been released

SZTAKI is happy to announce the next release of P-GRADE Grid Portal, version 2.8.
In order to support collaborative development (sharing workflows) and for the effective building of user communities the P-Grade Portal has been integrated with a repository of well known and established DSpace technology. Every user of the portal can download the workflows have been created and published by the others. However only trusted users (have been registered with the DSpace repository) are entitled to publish (upload) workflows.
By default the P-Grade Portal installation package links the repository access to the P-Grade Portal Community of the DSpace server maintained by the Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems of the MTA SZTAKI (see https://Pgrade-DSpace.sztaki.hu). However any organization installing the P-Grade portal may decide to use an own or a third party DSpace server where a P-Grade Portal Community has been created.
As the DSpace is highly indexed by the Google authors of workflows have been published in a DSpace repository may attract extended audience.

Posted by Zoltán Farkas 2009-05-29

P-GRADE Grid Portal 2.7 has been released

P-GRADE Grid Portal version 2.7 and Account Creator version 1.0 have been released!

Release notes to Version 2.7

New features
1. Improved file removal in EGEE. In case of EGEE, file entities in the catalog (LFC) are replicated to a number of storage elements (SE). Once there is a replica that is located on an unreachable SE, the given file cannot be removed from the LFC. In order to solve this issue, portal now uses a mechanism that unregisters unavailable replicas. As a consequence, parameter study support in P-GRADE Grid Portal has improved. ... read more

Posted by Zoltán Farkas 2008-05-05

P-GRADE Grid Portal 2.6.1 has been released

Version 2.6.1 of P-GRADE Grid Portal has been released!

Release notes for this version are:

  1. Information System portlet fixes. In some cases, the LCG-2 part of the Information System portlet reported inconsistent informations about Storage Element spaces. The issue has been fixed in this release.

  2. VOMS extension maximum lifetime. The default behaviour when adding VOMS extensions to EGEE jobs' proxies was to add an extension valid for 24
    hours. According to experiences, this is a problem when using proxies valied for short time (e.g. for a few hours). Now the VOMS extension is
    valid for at most the lifetime of the proxy.... read more

Posted by Zoltán Farkas 2008-03-07

New Help and bug fixes

The Users' manual (Help) has been updated with detailed instructions about how to activate VOMS accounting within the portal. The new version can be accessed from the Downloads section.

Bug fixes
We have discovered two bugs:
1. When the portal is about to cancel an EGEE (LCG-2 or gLite) job because it is waiting for execution for more than 20 minutes, the job isn't removed properly.
2. The file replication in the File Management portlet might block the portal when the selected storage element cannot be accessed. A timeout has been inroduced to eliminate this problem.
The patch (2.6_001) and instructions how to apply it to a working installation can be accessed through the Tracker section.

Posted by Zoltán Farkas 2008-01-31

P-GRADE Grid Portal 2.6 has been released

Version 2.6 of P-GRADE Grid Portal has been released!

New features

  1. File Management Portlet has been added to the portal (this was the work of our Turkish colleagues in Ankara). This portlet enables users to access, list, add, remove, etc. grid files from the LFC catalogue and from the SEs. Without this portlet users had to leave the portal and use the tedious low level data management CLI of LCG-2 and gLite. With the new portlet they can manage any necessary grid file operation within the portal, i.e. by a high level graphical environment without learning the low level data management CLI of LCG-2 and gLite.... read more
Posted by Zoltán Farkas 2008-01-12

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