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pfc2_ide-0.7.9 released

    - Added test for vte > 0.25.0, necessary because of the VTE_PTY_DEFAULT
      symbol not being available in previous versions.                     
    - If started for the first time (no previous versions), a segmentation
      fault ocurred when selecting 'New' or 'Open'.                       
      (Thanks to Sebastián Aguado for reporting this!)
    - Any file specified on the command line was ignored too.
    - If no previous file had been specified (first use), the
      saved window dimensions are ignored too? Changed sizing
      to gtk_window_resize() instead of gtk_window_set_default_size().
Posted by John Coppens 2011-06-10

pfc2_ide-0.7.8 released

- Reorganized tab creation to allow multiple tabs. Each editor tab
now has a struct indicating filename, and changed status.
- The run_file_dialog now actually uses the title parameter
(instead of always putting 'Open file')
- The tool buttons for running now call the corresponding
callbacks for the menu items.
- Moved opening of a default file to the MainWindow_realize
- Changed nane of run_file_dialog to filename_selected.
- File|New now starts with a 'New file' name, and doesn't open
the file dialog.
- Save as... doesn't get disable anymore.
- vte_terminal_fork_command needs shell command in argv.
- Help|About dialog added.
- Set a custom prompt in terminal.
- Updated the Spanish translation.

Posted by John Coppens 2011-04-22

pfc2_ide-0.7.4 released

Release 0.7.4 added the Run menu, with buttons to run in fair or unfair mode, stop the run and compile. Shortcuts for these functions. The Stop toolbutton is also functional.
A 0.7.4x package is available for users with slightly older (<2.9.1) versions of GtkSourceView.

Posted by John Coppens 2010-10-24

pfc2_ide 0.7.2 released

A small bug: A (necessary) include added in main.c for unistd.h, which, for some reason wasn't required in my distro.

Posted by John Coppens 2010-10-19

First public release of pfc2_ide

This is a first try to distribute the Pascal-FC(2) IDE. Please read the README for instructions. Feedback would be appreciated!

Posted by John Coppens 2010-10-17