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PFARS Roadmap

With over 8 months since the release of PFARS 0.9.4, I'm sure some people are wondering if this is a dead project. Granted while development has been slow this is indeed not a dead project. Part of the slowness is due to the fact that while I call this "alpha" software, it just plain works. Once you put it in place and get it up and running, it's really rock-solid and you just never have to think about it, so I often don't.... read more

Posted by Paul Baker 2003-06-10

RFC - Request For Comment

PFARS version 0.9.4 is out the door. It will probably be the last "alpha" release of PFARS before it goes into feature freeze and goes through a "beta" testing period before it is declared "stable" and version 1.0 is released.

That means I need your feedback! If there is a feature that you would like to see in the 1.0 release of PFARS, you need to speak up now. If I receive requests for features that would be liked in PFARS I will include them in the next release(s). Once I am out of requests for features to implement (or I don't receive any requests), there will most likely be one last release containing improved and finalized documentation and any necessary bug fixes (as of this writing there are no known bugs in PFARS). This will be declared "beta." Any features I dream up or receive after this point will have to wait until version 2.0. Assuming the "beta" release makes it through a month or so of use without any problems showing up, then I will declare PFARS to be "stable" and make a 1.0 release.

Posted by Paul Baker 2002-09-25

PFARS goes Alpha

Version of PFARS is officially out for you to try out. This is the first release that is actually worth your time to try out if you are looking for this sort of application. is in production use in two high volume LVS clusters. The larger cluster of the two consists of 8 servers and over 60GB of data updated periodically throughout the day.

The new features implemented since version 0.8 are:... read more

Posted by Paul Baker 2002-07-18

First Public Release of PFARS

The first public release version of PFARS is finally out the door. Version 0.8 is very much a pre-alpha release. My company has been using an internal version of PFARS in production for over a year. Although it works for us, there is a 99% chance that it will reformat the harddrives of any system you install it on. Feel free to download PFARS and try it out, but consider yourself warned.

Posted by Paul Baker 2002-06-12

PFARS Project is Born!

The first revisions of PFARS have been commited to CVS. The current unreleased version is 0.8.1. It has been running very stable in a production environment for over 2 months. There is no official release yet because there unfortuneately is no documentation or installation procedure to go along with it. PFARS is looking for seeking willing contributors to write documentation and also to prepare PFARS for release and distribution. Please email the pfars-devel mailing list if you are interested.

Posted by Paul Baker 2001-07-24

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