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PerlSMS on hold

I'm currently not working on PerlSMS because my motherbourd is busted and I'm using a VERY crappy pentium 166MHZ to upload this message so you'll have to wait a bit longer for the next release.

Posted by Rick v.d. Haghen 2002-03-25


PerlSMS has already more than 1000 downloads!!! I personaly didn't think it would get this far so fast but I think you guys realy like my prog (at least I HOPE SO!!!) So I'm very happy that PerlSMS is so succesfull :)

Posted by Rick v.d. Haghen 2002-03-05

SmsSend Downloads DOWN??

I've got some good and some bad news about the SmsSend page ( The good news is: PerlSMS IS ON THE OFFICIAL SITE!!
The bad news is: the downloads of SmsSend are down!!
So if you still need to download SmsSend you'll have to find a other way sorry.....

Posted by Rick v.d. Haghen 2002-02-28

PerlSMS 0.3 is out TOMORROW

I'm releasing PerlSMS 0.3 tomorrow.
It has the mutli-profile system and improved phonebook and some minor enhancements in the code. So check back tomorrow!!

Posted by Rick v.d. Haghen 2002-02-20

I'm BACK!!

But I was away from my computer for 2 weeks or so, but I'm back in the game so expect some new PerlSMS releases soon and while youre here register for the mailing list and post some messages at my forum!!!

Posted by Rick v.d. Haghen 2002-02-14

PerlSMS 0.2 is out tomorrow

PerlSMS 0.2 is actualty almost out 1 hour later than I posted the message that 0.1 is offline, it is actualy finished already but I have to clean up the code and put in some clear screans for the NEW menu's it is realy someting to look forward to... So you should REALY check back tomorrow and you won't be dissapoited! (for a console based program ;) )

Posted by Rick v.d. Haghen 2002-01-27

PerlSMS 0.1 gone

I removed PerlSMS 0.1 because it was a REALY simple script and I was afraid that I would lose users by 0.1 and I'm going to realease 0.2 in 2 or 3 days and 0.2 has some things that REALY give advantage, so be back in a few days!!

Posted by Rick v.d. Haghen 2002-01-27

PerlSMS site

The PerlSMS site isn't up yet because honestly I don't have it. But a friend of mine has offerd to create and maintain the PerlSMS site so hopefully it will be up in a few days...

Posted by Rick v.d. Haghen 2002-01-21

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