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pmc 2.7 released

Version 2.7 has been released, which hopefully fixes some MCP bugs and also includes better documentation than the previously announced releases.

Posted by Markus Peter 2004-05-01

pmc 2.4 release

PMC 2.4 has been released. Fixes a bad MCP bug and adds support for the dns-org-cubik-prompt MCP protocol.

Posted by Markus Peter 2003-07-14

pmc 2.3 release

pmc 2.3 has been released. The main change is the addition of an environment-handling package.

Changes are not yet in CVS as the CVS server seems to be down at them moment.

Posted by Markus Peter 2003-07-13

SourceForge Setup


Today we moved to Sourceforge with the 2.1 release of pmc.

Posted by Markus Peter 2002-10-04