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Pequel 3 Released

Complete redesign and new implementation.
Interfaces via XML (with 'pequel.xsd' XML-Schema).
Perl module interface.
Versatile and easy to use datasource and dataset types for I/O and multiple pequel scripts connection.
Comprehensive data-distribution facilities.
Extendable via macros, aggregates, datasets, datasources.
New section types include 'reject_record', 'repeat_record'.

Posted by Mario 2007-05-03

Minor Pequel Release 2.4-6 includes new Quick Ref Guide

* Version 2.4-6 -- 14 February 2006

- New Pequel Quick Reference Guide (docs/pequelquickref.pdf).
- Fixed module name in ETL::Pequel::Pod2Pdf, scripts/pequelpod2pdf.
- Option: exec_min_lines -- use this to specify max program code size that will execute with eval()
otherwise execute with exec() on external tmp EXEC program file. Defaults to 200 lines. The exec()
execution will substantially improve the performance when copy/divert sections are in use.
- Fixed user defined date type parse problem.
- Some vim-syntax updates.

Posted by Mario 2006-02-15

New Pequel Release 2.4

- New root namespace: ETL::Pequel.
- Updated User Guide to include perl module interface reference.
- Initial Perl module program access interface via
-- Please view example/ for sample usage.
- New section types: 'display message on input/output', 'display message on input/output abort'.
-- display a message to stderr if record matches condition(s), with optional processing abort.
- Support fixed length and packed input/output format via Perl pack/unpack formats
-- new options: 'unpack_input', 'input_pack_fmt', 'pack_output', 'output_pack_fmt'.
- New 'copy input record', 'divert input record' section types replace 'copy/divert record'.
-- distributed data processing.
- New 'copy output record', 'divert output record' section types.
- New macros: &pack(), &unpack().
- New macro: &input_record_count().
- Added gzcat_cmd, gzcat_args, cat_cmd, cat_args options.
- Added sort_cmd, sort_args, cpp_cmd, cpp_args options.
- New option 'input_record_limit' -- use to specify number of records to process from input.
- Additional example scripts demonstrate new copy/divert input/output record sections.
- Additional example scripts demonstrate new pack_output/unpack_input feature.
- Additional example scripts demonstrate new macros.
- Additional example scripts demonstrate new message section types.... read more

Posted by Mario 2005-11-03

New Release Pequel 2.3-4

* New 'divert record' section type. Distribute incoming data records to sub-pequel scripts based on condition.

* New 'copy record' section type. Copy incoming records to sub-pequel scripts.

* New 'sort output' section type.

Posted by Mario 2005-10-12

New Pequel Release 2.3-3

Major upgrade. Introducing 1) pequel script 'chaining' -- input data stream resulting from output of second pequel script; 2) tables generated by sub pequel script.

Posted by Mario 2005-09-30

New Pequel Release 2.2.9

- Added Vim syntax file.
- New tests.
- Revamped the table compiler -- now handles nested table and complex statements.
- Revamped the macro compiler -- now handles nested macros and complex statements.
- Array macro fixes.
- New example scripts collection.

Posted by Mario 2005-09-13

New Pequel release 2.2-8

* Includes some major fixes.
* Updated User Guide.
* Apache CLF log file support.

Posted by Mario 2005-08-31

Pequel Released

Pequel is a comprehensive record processing system for raw data file processing. By using the Pequel scripting language, the user can create complex data transformation processes quickly, easily, and accurately. Pequel generates highly efficient Perl code. The emphasis in the generated code is performance to process maximum records in minimum time. Use Pequel for Grouping and Statistics, Cleaning Data, Converting Data, Analysing Data Quality, SQL emulation, Reporting, etc.

Posted by Mario 2002-08-14

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